Youth In War (2023)

Youth In War is a Chinese Drama (2023). Youth In War cast: Zhang Ling He, Zhou Ye. Youth In War Release Date: 2023. Youth In War Episodes: 30.

Youth In War Detail

Drama: Youth In War (2023)
Network: JSTV
Main Stars: Yan Yi Kuan, Sunny Du, Zheng Xiao Ning
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Feng Huo Xiao Yan Li De Qing Chun, 烽火硝烟里的青春, Youth In War 2023

Youth In War Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the fall of 1937, the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Anti-Japanese Base Area was erected. Young people from all kinds of backgrounds across the nation visit the base to dedicate their entire lives for the fight of resistance.

Xiao Yun Fei who is well-versed in literature as well as martial arts, has set out to look for his sister Xiao Yu Ping who was studying in Baoding.

After a number of changes and twists, the man realizes that she’s returned to their home town of Cangzhou. Despite living an environment of peace.

The grieving Xiao Yu Ping who is full of anger over the things that have was happening to her hometown, is a part of in the Eighth Route Army. His sister is his source of support.

Xiao Yin Fei gets to meet the patriotic youths of Cai the XiuQin. At the Great Wall of China, they pledge to continue fighting for the nation’s freedom against Japanese invaders.

Youth In War Cast

Yan Yi Kuan as Xiao Yun Fei

Sunny Du as Cai Xiu Qin

Zheng Xiao Ning as Support Role

Shan Ying Zhe as Sha Xiang

Xu Peng Kai as Lai Qiu Sheng

Siqin Gaowa as Support Role

Min Chun Xiao as Xiao Yu Ping

Zhang Yi Jie as Wang Ren Xiao

Jing Gang Shan as Underground Worker

Niu Li as Support Role

Tong Rui Xin as Cheng Tuan Zhang

Dong Yong as Jie Zhen Guo

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