Young Shield (2020)

Overall: Young Shield is a Chinese Crime, Drama (2020). Young Shield cast: Jiang Chao, Crystal Yuan, Zhao Shun Ran. Young Shield Release Date: 31 December 2020. Young Shield Episodes: 41.

Young Shield Detail

Drama: Young Shield (2020)
Main Stars: Jiang Chao, Crystal Yuan, Zhao Shun Ran
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 31 December 2020
Also Known As: Shao Nian Dun, Young Shield, Blood Youth, 少年盾, Young Shield 2020

Young Shield Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows Lu Hao, a post-90s youngster who defeats numerous snags to arrive at his fantasy about turning into a cop.

Lu Hao pursued police school at the support of his mother. With the excellent Shen Xiaotong as his cohort, he becomes hopelessly enamored. After a year, Lu Hao understands that school has become a significant piece of his life. He is the highest point of his group and the reason for his desire for his dormmate Ling Zhipeng.

To demonstrate himself to be the better man, Ling Zhipeng defies the norms during driving class, totaling his vehicle and getting himself harmed to the point that he had to stop school. Lu Hao feels awful on account of what occurred and chooses to stop too. Be that as it may, information on Teacher Li’s passing spreads, and in their grieving, Lu Hao and Ling Zhipeng wipe the slate clean.

As a police cadet, Lu Hao is doled out to a far off town. On his way back to the city to go to his graduation customs, Lu Hao and his boss get into a shootout with crooks. It turns into a definitive trial of his grit and the ideal opportunity for him to demonstrate that he is qualified to be known as a cop.

Young Shield Cast

Jiang Chao as Lu Hao
Crystal Yuan as Shen Xiao Tong
Zhao Shun Ran as Ling Zhi Peng
Zhang Jun Ming as Du Huan Yu
Liu Min Tao as Support Role
Ren Cheng Wei as Support Role
Wang Lu as Support Role
Chen An Na as a Support Role
Ke Wen Kang as Da Tou
Luo Ning as Support Role

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