Yi Bu Qian Nian (2024)

Yi Bu Qian Nian is a Chinese Drama (2024). Yi Bu Qian Nian cast: Jiang Kai Tong, Zhang Jun Han, Zhang Meng Lu. Yi Bu Qian Nian Release Date: 2024. Yi Bu Qian Nian episodes: 32.

Yi Bu Qian Nian Detail

Drama: Yi Bu Qian Nian (2024)
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Jiang Kai Tong, Zhang Jun Han, Zhang Meng Lu
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 32
Also Known As: A Thousand Years, 一步千年, Yi Bu Qian Nian 2024

Yi Bu Qian Nian Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the drama is based on two letters written by General Secretary Xi Jinping to Dulongjiang Township as the main storyline. The basis of the show is the most modern models for the reduction of poverty in Nujiang. It has produced a group of distinctive and flesh-and-blood figures for poverty relief such as He Mingyan, Fan Xiaofei, Zhang Chunjun, Pu Fuwen and Guan Yanfen.

The characters from the past are recreated and then immersed into the great accomplishment of reducing poverty. He Mingyan helped the villagers build”mountain goods live broadcast base “mountain goods live broadcast base” Fan Xiaofei helped those living in Nujiang to win the love by He Mingyan.

Pu Fuwen, who redressed his mistakes, was nicknamed “Nujiang Good Man”, Zhang Chunjun assisted Dulongjiang Township to fully cover signals from the networks Ma Xueniu enjoyed the definition of an “goods-carrying online celebrity”, villager LiXiaoguang was deemed an entrepreneur’s chief.

Wang Nianlong joined the team on the documentary “Take Root”, which included a full report of the process to reduce poverty in Nujiang Prefecture. It is the region with the lowest poverty rate of China. The success in reducing poverty when we travel on the breathtaking highway and everyone is looking ahead to the future. It will also remember those heroes who lost their lives.

Yi Bu Qian Nian Cast

Zhang Meng Lu as Yang Ke Ke

Jiang Kai Tong as Na Li Hua

Yu Jiao Xi Li as Ha Dong Mei

Wang Nan as Wang Nian Long

Qu Jia Hui as Dou Sai

Chen Lin Jun as Ke Zha

Huang Pin Yuan as Support Role

Chang Rong as Support Role

You Yong as Support Role

Ding Hai Feng as Support Role

Ju Hao as Support Role

Yuan Zhi Bo as Support Role

Zhang Jun Han as Main Role

Liu Pei Qi as Support Role

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