Year after Year (2024)

Year after Year is a Chinese Drama (2024). Year after Year cast: Yu Xiao Guang, Lang Yue Ting, Liu Li Li. Year after Year Release Date: 30 May 2024. Year after Year Episodes: 48.

Year after Year Detail

Drama: Year after Year (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Wang Wei
Main Stars: Yu Xiao Guang, Lang Yue Ting, Liu Li Li
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 May 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 30 May 2024-20 June 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 48
Also Known As: Yi Nian You Yi Nian, Xin Yi Nian You Yi Nian , 新一年又一年, 一年又一年, 新一年又一年, Year after Year 2024

Year after Year Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chen family members are a common family. Chen family members are a typical household. The daughter Chen Huan was part of the first group of college students following their admission examination. Chen Huan later became an acclaimed economist. They had a son Chen Qing and son-in-law He Dahai were laid off and later re-employed.

The youngest of her children Chen Xiaoou is a woman in the age of modern. It is believed that the Lin Family is believed to be a highly regarded family of cadre. The Lin Family has a son called Lin Yida who was transferred back to the 3rd line at the University.

He brought his daughter-in-law back to law from the rural area of Qunying. He began his career working in an agency for the government and later started his own business.

Their son Lin Pingping was admitted to the university and later, he went overseas to study further. The son of Pan Taohao Liangzi is a young man who is unemployed. The mother of the boy Pan Taohao is counting on his success, but Liangzi isn’t ready for the pressure. Each an year, Chen made it to the top, but he has lost interest in his sport.

Lin Pingping realized his dream of making it to the top however, the experience was not easy. Chen Qing experienced layoffs and was re-hired. His company, He Dahai’s, has its ups and downs and downs, and finally, he can have his own spot to working. Lin Yida was lost in the business world and divorced.

He later married again. The heroes have grown from wives in their early years who looked like nannies throughout the decades of experience.

Year after Year Cast

Li Dong Han as He Da Hai

He Zheng Jun as Lin Han Min

Ma Can Can as Zhu Qun Ying

Liu Ting Zuo as Lin Yi Da

Liu Wei as Chen Fu Sheng

Shen Yao as Chen Xiao Ou

Luo Peng as Liang Zi

Yuan Bai Zi Hui as Dan Dan

Zhao Yi as Lin Lin

Canti Lau as Hong Zhen Yuan

Qiao Ming Lin as Yuan Xin Yue

Shi Yuan Ting as Attorney Lin

Sun Lu Hang as Fei Tong Qi

Cheng Fang Xu as Qu Qu

Cui Jing Ge as Lan Xin

Xue Yuan Yuan as Zhao Feng Ru

Chen Yuan Er as Dan Dan | 13 years old

Wan Zi Qing as Dan Dan | 7.5 years old

Jerry Shao as Lin Lin | 8 years old

Liu Shu Yuan as Fan Xue Jun

Zhang Zheng Yan as Li Bing

Feng Yu Xiang as Sister-in-law

Yang Ruo Xi as Chen Qing

Wang Kan as Wu Wen Yi

Liu Li Li as Hu Gui Lan

Andrew Lane Cawthon as Ma Ke Dai Meng

Zhang Bo Wen as Can Can

Hu Xiao Ting as Liu Wei La

Lang Yue Ting as Lin Ping Ping

He Qiang as Zhou Mu Er

Dong Qi Ming as Chen Fu Lai

Yu Xiao Guang as Chen Huan

Tian Bo as Gu Yi Ming

Zhou Xiao Chuan as Che Han

Yang Zi Mo as Jing Man

Niu Bao Ping as Zhou Hui

Ma Xiao Qian as Yao Lan

Li Wen Jun as Dong Tian Qi

Mao Min Zhuo as Tian Qi’s mother

Fanny Yang as Feng Xia

Lu Jun Yao as Yang Li

Li Yu Yang as Yu Jing

Heidi Wang as Liao Jing Qiu

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