Ye Da Ying

Ye Da Ying Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ye Da Ying, otherwise called Ye Ying, is a Chinese screenwriter, chief, and entertainer.

Grandson of the late Socialist military general Ye Chime, Ye Da Ying started to check out film in his youth, owing a lot to the impact of his entertainer mother. During the Social Upheaval, Ye, at 18 years old, was relegated to work in a hardware manufacturing plant in Shanghai. After three years, nonetheless, he signed up for an acting studio supported by Xi’an Film Studio and began his movie vocation.
In 1984, when he went to Beijing Movie Foundation to concentrate on movie coordinating, he got more familiar with the well known author Wang Shuo, who later became one of Ye’s number one work mates. Subsequent to getting back to Xi’an Studio, Ye made his film debut, “Exhausted” (1988).
Lately, Ye was additionally associated with the creation of TV series. Periodically, he additionally fills in as visitor entertainer in film and television shows.


First Name: Da Ying
Native Name: 叶大鹰
Also Known as: Ye Ying, Ye Daying, Yip Ying, 叶缨, 葉大鷹, 葉纓
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: 1958
Age: 64

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