Wu Shuang Ling (2024)

Wu Shuang Ling is a Chinese Drama (2024). Wu Shuang Ling cast: Wu Xuan Yi, Lan Bo, Du Jing Yi. Wu Shuang Ling Release Date: 2024. Wu Shuang Ling Episodes: 24.

Wu Shuang Ling Detail

Drama: Wu Shuang Ling (2024)
Director: Chen Yu Zhou
Writer: Cao Xiao Tian
Main Stars: Wu Xuan Yi, Lan Bo, Du Jing Yi
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: 無雙令, 无双令, Wu Shuang Ling 2024

Wu Shuang Ling Synopsis and Plot Summary

The other side of spirit beasts is their main enemy – they’re known as the beast catchers. As soul beasts, they cover their real identity and seem to go on normal lives within our environment However, when we’re not watching, anything they be able to do could alter and impact the laws of the world.

Some possess super-discernment and command like the firefox Chiffon Certain animals have incredible ability to move, comparable as White Fox Amo and our mythical the beast Lin Long, the catcher Lin Long, has very absurd.

The tale of Lin Long’s life has been revealed, and the story of the ungulate which consumed her dreams slowly emerges. the main storyline will move through an endless series of shifting winds.

The seemingly random experiences of relationships as well as colleagues and feelings are in fact controlled for the benefit of the person who is driving the scene. What is it that’s who works behind the scenes? He’s been prowling around at your side.

The ending is always set. “Assuming you see downpour, it implies I’m miserable.” It is important to note that the flower language used in Red Bug Lilies implies that the blossoms and leaves do not always get along.

It is a symbol of the incredibly destiny of the brave woman. According to legend, the champion transforms into the red insect lily. legends tell of an eternal bloom gatekeeper who is always hopeful that blossoms would bloom and enduringly believing in the fact that the hero will be reunited with him.

The love that is a disaster consistently is more extravagant and the endings are often more painful than the usual sentiments that are more personal and emotional conflicts that don’t only make viewers more unhappy, but they also make everyone anxiously awaiting the next chapter of this tale.

Wu Shuang Ling Cast

Lan Bo as Qi Feng

Li Ming Yuan as Support Role

Wu Xuan Yi as Lin Long

Du Jing Yi as Support Role

Liu Hai Kuan as Support Role

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