Wrong Carriage, Right Groom (2023)

Overall: Wrong Carriage, Right Groom is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). Wrong Carriage, Right Groom cast: Tian Xi Wei, Ao Rui Peng, Zhao Shun Ran. Wrong Carriage, Right Groom Release Date: 28 August 2023. Wrong Carriage, Right Groom Episodes: 24.

Wrong Carriage, Right Groom Detail

Drama: Wrong Carriage, Right Groom (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Cheng Feng
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Tian Xi Wei, Ao Rui Peng, Zhao Shun Ran
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 August 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 28 August 2023-14 September 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Xin Shang Cuo Hua Lang Jia Dui Lang, 新上错花轿嫁对郎, 新上錯花轎嫁對郎, Hua Jiao Xi Shi, 花轎喜事, 花轿喜事, Wrong Carriage, Right Groom 2023

Wrong Carriage, Right Groom Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the wealthy city of Yangzhou situated in Tang Dynasty China’s Jiangsu Province powerful parents of the Du and Li clans are planning weddings for their daughters, and the weddings scheduled to be held on the same day. Du Bing Yan’s fiance is a unwell Qi Tian Lei Qi Tian Lei, Qi Tian Lei is the son number three of Qi’s family. Qi family.

The Qi hopes that getting married Qi Tian Lei with an attractive woman will reverse the man’s luck and help him recover his health. However, rumors suggest that Qi Tian Lei may be in danger of dying.

Du Bing Yan is dismayed by her obligation to marry a sick person however, she accepts her parents wish. The Li family is preparing to wed the daughter of their son Li Yu Hu to a bandit named Yuan Bu Q who has an image of violence and roughness.

Li Yu Hu is equally dismayed by the decision to marry her husband, but is also willing to accept her family’s desires. However, as they travel in a car to their weddings, each of them independently decide to go to a temple that they pass on their way.

If a fire breaks out within the Temple, both members of the congregation are in a state of panic. In the chaos the two women get removed in “wrong” sedans and end in a wedding with the woman’s aspiring husband! Are they sure Cupid be capable of resolving the chaos? Or will chaos erupt in this group?

Wrong Carriage, Right Groom Cast

Tian Xi Wei as Li Yu Hu

Ao Rui Peng as Qi Tian Lei

Zhao Shun Ran as Yuan Bu Qu

Bai Bing Ke as Du Bing Yan

Zhang Wan Fang as Yan Sheng

Wang Jia Xuan as Ji Jing Tang

Patrick Quan as Ke Shi Zhao

Zhang Yang as Shu Da Niang

Li Ya Nan as Liu Ruo Qian

Pu Chao Ying as Support Role

Juan Zi as Empress

Ding Yi Yi as Princess Chang Ping

Zhan Yu as Sha Ping Wei

Zhao Mu Yan as Fang Xiao Qiao

Gao Shu Guang as Li Ming Sheng

Li Yan Man as Xiu Bo

Chen Si Si as Ms. Qi

Cui Zhi Gang as Zhang Gong Gong

Chen Zheng Yang as Brother Xiong

Ming Jia Jia as Young Queen

Li Lu Jin as Master Lu Xuan

Nicholas Wang as Master Guan

Mei Ling Zhen as Ms. Du

Zhong Fu Xiang as Kong Xian Ling

Candy Zhang as Ms. Li

Xu Dong Ming as Young Tian Lei

Geng Da Yong as Li Cheng

Qi Er Luo as Zheng Hui Wang

Feng Li Ping as Lao Jun Shi

Lu Chun Sheng as Lin Zhou Xian Ling

Wang Ming Hui as Business Owner

Feng Peng as Old Priest

Guo Meng as Father

Li Yu as Xiao Xi

Yang Di as Wang Hu Zi

Wrong Carriage, Right Groom Trailer

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