Wonderland of Love (2023)

Wonderland of Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Wonderland of Love cast: Xu Kai, Jing Tian, Zheng He Hui Zi. Wonderland of Love Release Date: 6 November 2023. Wonderland of Love Episodes: 40.

Wonderland of Love Detail

Drama: Wonderland of Love (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Steve Cheng
Writer: Fei Wo Si Cun
Main Stars: Xu Kai, Jing Tian, Zheng He Hui Zi
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 6 November 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 6 November 2023-7 December 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Le You Yuan , Wonderland to Love, 乐游原, Wonderland of Love 2023

Wonderland of Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

The narrative of the head’s grandson Li Ni, who watches the boundary and is compelled to assume the liability of suppressing the resistance. Albeit Li Ni is the grandson of the ruler, he was never adored by his dad.

He conceals his personality and is happy with being a lighthearted bleeding edge line general who in no way wants to battle for power. During military missions against the agitators, he experiences the aggressive Cui Lin, who is the main girl of General Cui Yi, the commandant of the Cui family armed force. Cui Lin covered her actual personality and camouflaged herself as Lieutenant He, battling close by the military.

They run into one another on multiple occasions in the war zones. One is plotting and clever, and the other is cunning and frank. In their seriousness with one another, every once in a while they compute and foresee each other’s arrangement and development to battle as the victor which leads them down the way of experiencing passionate feelings.

Wonderland of Love Cast

Xu Kai as Li Ni | Marshal, Zhenxi Army
Jing Tian as Cui Lin | Lieutenant He, Cui Army
Zheng He Hui Zi as Tao Zi
Gao Han as Liu Cheng Feng
Zhao Jia Min as Gu Wan Niang | Prime Minister Gu’s daughter
Liu Dong Qin as Xie Chang Er | Scout, Zhenxi Army
He Feng Tian as Pei Yuan
Dai Yi as Steward Qiu
Zhu Hong Jia as Old Bao
Jiang Kai as Cui Yi
Yuan Ran as Empress
Liu Yu Ning as Mu Xian He
Huang Qi Lin’er as Cui Lin
Kira Shi as A Yue | Musician, Zhilu Hall
Zeng Li as Consort Xiao \ Former Crown Princess
Yu Bo as Sun Jing
Gao Shu Guang as Prince Liang
He Zhong Hua as Gu Xiang

Other Cast

Ren Wan Jing as Madame Jiang

Li Jun as Wu Luo

Adan He as Zhao Liu

Bai Jing Jing as Madame Yang Zheng

Xie Lu Yao as Yang Qi Niang

Ma Rui Ze as Yu San

Geng Li Ming as Princess Consort Xin

Yu Tong as Madame Cui

Guo Kai as Li Lai’s advisor

Russel Tang as Wu Yan

Denny Deng as Pi Si Lang | Food supplier

Mark Han as Duke Zheng

Xia Tian as Xin Fa

Megan Hwang as Madame Wei Guo

Sun Zi Jun as Jin Niang

Yu Xin He as Shen Niang

Xu Xiang Dong as Fu Yuan’Er

Yu Yang as Han Li \ Guardian of Bingzhou

Wang Hai Xiang as Han Chang

Zhao Yan Song as Pei Xian

Li Yan Man as Qiu Cui

Wang Jia Hui as Chen Xing

Yang Zhen as Cui Li \ General, Cui Army

Sun Yi Ren as Zhan You Ren

Jin Long as Zhao You De

Wu Hao as Huang You Yi

Guo Xing Qi as A Shu \ Personal guard, Cui Army

Leo Li as Li Lai

Cui Peng as Li Jun

Chen Tian Yu as Li Ni | Young

Liao Song Mei as Li Ning’s nanny

Chen Guo Liang as Advisor

He Ling Yao as Princess

Ma Hong Lei as Professor Cha

Jiang Zhi Feng as Old hunter

Shi Yan as Old hunter’s wife

Zhou Yu Chen as Liu Cheng Feng | Young

Li Zhi Yong as Guo Zhi | Wangzhou County guard

Li Jia Ming as Li Wei | King Qi

Guo Xing Ye as A Shu | Personal guard, Cui Army

Zhao Shi Han as Support Role

Xu Yi Ming as Guest Role

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