Wonderful Chef (2023)

Wonderful Chef is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Movie (2023). Wonderful Chef cast: Han Yun Yun, Clara Lee, Zhang Hai Yan. Wonderful Chef Release Date: 16 September 2023.

Wonderful Chef Detail

Movie: Wonderful Chef (2023)
Director: Li Ke Long
Main Stars: Han Yun Yun, Clara Lee, Zhang Hai Yan
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 16 Septemebr 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Chu Shen Jia Dao, Shen Chu Yu Liang Yuan, 神厨遇良缘, 廚神駕到, 神廚遇良緣 ,厨神驾到, Wonderful Chef 2023

Wonderful Chef Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chef Qian Wang Wang visited the city to look for an opening and was misinterpreted as the fortune teller. In the end, due to his standing out in the international competition of culinary excellence He was dubbed”the “Kitchen God”.

Chef Qian employed his own unique talents to completely defeat the hotel’s manager. However, he was ridiculed by his fellow chefs.

The nearby restaurant has shut down and demanded being involved.

Many different methods were employed to force chefs Qian to fight. an assortment of relatable and funny stories were released.

Qian Wang Wang displays his talents everywhere and his many culinary talents are never expected.

Wonderful Chef Cast

Han Yun Yun as Zhang Ma

Clara Lee as Lin Xiao Ya

Zhang Hai Yan as Anna

Justin Zhao as Wang

Deng Zhi Yuan as An An

Zhuge Cheng Cheng as Wu Qiang | Assistant

Liao Wei Wei as Support Role

Pa Li as Support Role

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