Win The Future (2021)

Overall: Win The Future is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Win The Future cast: Chen Kun, Xin Zhi Lei, Zhang You Hao. Win The Future Release Date: 21 December 2021. Win The Future Episodes: 40.

Win The Future Detail

Drama: Win The Future (2021)
Network: BTV
Director: Zhang Li
Writer: Fu Yao
Main Stars: Chen Kun, Xin Zhi Lei, Zhang You Hao
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 21 December 2021-12 January 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Shu Ying , LOSE&WIN , Lose and Win , Dream Of A Salesman, 输赢, Win The Future 2021

Win The Future Synopsis and Plot Summary

Having met with overwhelming achievement as a regional sales director at Jieke, a first-rate multi-countrywide business enterprise poised to assert a lion’s share of the Chinese market, Zhou Rui is pleased when he learns his commercial enterprise acumen has granted him a massive advertising. Transferring to the agency’s headquarters in Beijing, Zhou Rui is dazzled through the limitless possibilities that look forward to him. However, it doesn’t take lengthy for him to understand that this glittering new existence of his comes at a value.

Deprived of the sales group he individually skilled, Zhou Rui has most effective his most depended on aide, Fang Wei beside him. To make matters worse, Zhou Rui has recently been assigned an not possible task, with an similarly not possible closing date. With stress mounting from his boss, Zhou Rui’s only wish of survival lies in touchdown a large cope with one of the country’s maximum prestigious banks. Working against the percentages, Zhou Rui methods the financial institution with a rewarding offer, best to find out that their largest competitor, Huikang, has been running on a cope with the financial institution for extra than a 12 months. As if to feature insult to harm, Zhou Rui soon learns that heading up the competition’s cutthroat crew is none other than his past love, Luo Jia.

Overwhelmed by using impossible odds and distracted by means of Luo Jia’s unexpected return to his life, Zhou Rui must discover a manner to upward thrust above the opposition, if he’s ever going to be successful. Will he be able to reap the not possible, or will this life within the fast lane prove to be an excessive amount of?

Win The Future Cast

Chen Kun as Zhou Rui
Xin Zhi Lei as Luo Jia
Zhang You Hao as Fang Wei
Lu Zhong as Shen Jia Zhen
Wang Xue Qi as Chen Ming Yi
Lu Fang Sheng as Du Heng
Zhang Zi Jian as Lin Zhen Wei
Bao Wen Jing as Xiao Yun
Max Luan as Wei Yan
Zhang Wesn as Yang Lu
Zhu Yan Man Zi as Zhao Ying
Wang Ce as Li Zhi Cheng
Zhang Yi Hang as Feng Yan
Liu Wei Wei as Sister Wei
Wang Qing Xiang as Liu Feng
Liang Chao as Cao Tian You
Leon Li as Cui Long
Sun Yi as Bei Yao Yao
Lan Hai Meng as Ye Chao Dong
Ju Jin Zhan as Wang Yi Nan
Yu He Yu as Xie Yi
Gao Dong Ping as Lei Mo Ru
Yang Zi Ting as Zhao Lan
Wang Lan as Director Cai
Jin Feng as Linda
Ji Dong Ran as Zhen Xing Fu
Kang Fu Zhen as Liang Zi
Hu Wen Zhe as Xiao Jia
Yang Hao Yu as Mr. Lu
Hao Ping as Mr. Shang
Hai Tong as President Qian
Ma Chi as Old Tian
Niu Ben as Andrew
Liu Dan as Luo Jia’s mother
Shao Sheng Jie as Zhang Ming Cheng
Li Hong Lei as Qiu Kang Da
Leo So as Xiao Xiao Yang
Huo Shu Zhe as Du Heng’s assistant
Chen Si Si as Wei Yan’s wife
Wang Wen Si as Lily
Tan Tian Ming as Pei Guo Xia
An Xiao Ge as Shi Peng Fei
Bu Yu Xin as Ha Si Ba Gen
Wang Yu as Gao Jian
Huang Zhi Zhong as Zhou Rui’s father
Ray Cao as Tu Feng

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