Will Love in Spring (2024)

Will Love in Spring is a Korean Romance, Drama (2024). Will Love in Spring cast: Li Xian, Zhou Yu Tong, Wu Jun Ting. Will Love in Spring Release Date: April 2024. Will Love in Spring Episodes: 21.

Will Love in Spring Detail

Drama: Will Love in Spring (2024)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Liang Cheng
Writer: Even Jian
Main Stars: Li Xian, Zhou Yu Tong, Wu Jun Ting
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: April 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 21
Also Known As: There Is a Lover in My Hometown, My Hometown Has A Lover, Wu Xiang You Qing Ren, Chun Se Ji Qing Ren, 吾乡有情人, 情人, 吾鄉有情人, 春色寄情人, Will Love in Spring 2024

Will Love in Spring Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chen Mai Dong was once an impulsive teenager However, after an event that changed his life He decided to pursue a career as the funeral makeup artist.

Zhuang Jie was disabled because of a car crash however, she persevered and was able to become a professional elite in the city of her birth to achieve the goal of becoming a better person.

One is an artist for funerals with an unruly personality, but physically and emotionally lonely; The other is a courageous and dazzling medical salesperson, with physical imperfections.

Through continual struggle Through constant struggle, they learn to appreciate each other, repairing their respective “imperfections” by showing affection.

Will Love in Spring Cast

Li Xian as Chen Mai Dong

Zhou Yu Tong as Zhuang Jie

Wu Jun Ting as Zhuang Yan

Liu Lin as Liao Tao Zhuang Jie’s Mother

Zhang Xi Wei as He Niao Niao

Fang Fang as Nanny Chen

Sun Yan Xiang as Dong Zhi

Xiao Yang as Support Role

Wan Peng as Wang Xi Xia

Xu Xing as Grandma Lin

Zhang Zheng Yang as He Zhang Yue

Tian Ling as Wu Xue Hua

Niu Chao as Ci Wei

Zhang Chi as Cui Ge

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