Who Is the Murderer (2021)

Overall: Who Is the Murderer is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2021). Who Is the Murderer cast: Zhao Li Ying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zi Jian. Who Is the Murderer Release Date: 5 December 2021. Who Is the Murderer Episodes: 16.

Who Is the Murderer Detail

Drama: Who Is the Murderer (2021)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Sun Hao
Writer: Vivian Chen, Kong You You
Main Stars: Zhao Li Ying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zi Jian
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 5 December 2021-20 December 2021
Aired: On Sunday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Light on Series , Who Is Murderer , Shei Shi Xiong Shou , 誰是凶手, 谁是凶手, Who Is the Murderer 2021

Who Is the Murderer Synopsis and Plot Summary

In 2000, a homicide befell in an condo of a printing manufacturing facility in Haizhou City. Rookie policeman Leng Xiao Bing and his senior rushed to the scene after receiving a document, however due to the fact they break up up, ended up in a face-to-face war with the serial assassin in Haizhou City. Leng Xiao Bing changed into timid and afraid to shoot. The murderer fled from the scene after killing Leng Xiao Bing’s senior, Li Lan. Another witness at the scene is a victim, orphan Xia Mu, hiding within the attic adjoining to the rental. In order to live in the police force, Leng Xiao Bing only instructed his mentor approximately his incapability to shoot and Xia Mu did not divulge him both. The assassin become able to escape and went into hiding, and the Haizhou case went cold.

Seventeen years later, Xia Mu came to enroll in the foremost crime unit, so as to resolve his trainer’s murder along with all of the others. When he cornered Leng Xiao Bing about why he didn’t shoot, the latter advised him the truth. Together they decided to reopen the bloodless case.

With fresh eyes now searching at the case from all angles, suspicions led them to the daddy of a psychologist named Shen Yu. Shen Yu meanwhile, decided to release her very own research to be able to clear her father. When a newer corpse from sixteen years ago is all of sudden found out, all 3 comprehend the killer never simply stopped. Only by way of running collectively, can they catch the real assassin, once and for all!

Who Is the Murderer Cast

Zhao Li Ying as Shen Yu
Xiao Yang as Leng Xiao Bing
Dong Zi Jian as Xia Mu
Wang Mao Lei as Support Role
Li Guang Fu as Support Role
Yao An Lian as Chen Da Ming
Liu Lin as Cao Ying Xia
Chang Cheng as Gao Peng
Li Qiang as Shen Hai Yang
Hao Ping as He Wei Guang
Wang Xin as Li Wei Yi
Jiang Zhuo Jun as Chen Han
Sun Shao Long as Xiao Liu
Bian Tian Yang as Xiao Hua Jun
Zhou Qi as Wu Chao Chao
Gao Lu as Xia Jin Lan
Geng Le as Li Lan
Zhang Hao Wei as Shen Hai Yang Young

Who Is the Murderer Trailer

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