When I See Your Face (2023)

Overall: When I See Your Face is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). When I See Your Face cast: Duan Ao Juan, Chen Bo Hao, Lu Yun Feng. When I See Your Face Release Date: 29 January 2023. When I See Your Face Episodes: 12.

When I See Your Face Detail

Drama: When I See Your Face (2023)
Network: Youku
Main Stars: Duan Ao Juan, Chen Bo Hao, Lu Yun Feng
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 January 2023
Season: 1
Aired On: Sunday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Lian Mang Shao Nu De Wei Zhi Ai Qing , Lian Mang Shao Nv De We i Zhi Ai Qing, 脸盲少女的未知爱情, When I See Your Face 2023

When I See Your Face Synopsis and Plot Summary

Little kid Lu Hui was brought into the world with serious face visual deficiency and is accustomed to staying away from individuals. On his most memorable day back at school, Long Chengzhou, a global international student at Decheng College, helped Lu Hui, who was associated with literary theft. Notwithstanding, Lu Hui went about as though she had never seen him before from that point forward. With that, he promised to make Lu Hui fall under his appeal, yet he was moved by Lu Hui’s forthrightness and earnestness, confidence and generosity, and fell head over heels for her during the time spent moving toward her first.

Subsequent to finding the mystery of Lu Hui’s face visual deficiency, he transforms into a sweetheart in sparkling covering to safeguard Lu Hui and attempts to make the face-blind Lu Hui recollect himself. Unwittingly, he has turned into a unique individual according to Lu Hui. As though it is the mysterious direction of destiny, the two who have met some time before experiencing passionate feelings for.

When I See Your Face Cast

Duan Ao Juan as Lu Hui

Chen Bo Hao as Lang Cheng Zhou

Lu Yun Feng as Jiang Yi Ming

Kuliko Shen as Zheng Fan Xing

Xiong Wen Wen as Lang You Lang

Zhang Xin Yi as Guo Jia Jia

Zhao Huan Ran as Lu Fang

Wen Mo Yan as Julie

Li Yu Tong as Support Role

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