Welcome to Milele Village (2023)

Welcome to Milele Village is a Chinese Drama (2023). Welcome to Milele Village cast: Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yu Qi. Welcome to Milele Village Release Date: 21 November 2023. Welcome to Milele Village Episodes: 35.

Welcome to Milele Village Detail

Drama: Welcome to Milele Village (2023)
Network: Youku
Writer: Hu Ya Ting, Liang Zhen Hua
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yu Qi
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 November 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 21 November 2023-11 December 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 35
Also Known As: Huan Ying Lai Dao Mai Le Cun, 歡迎來到麥樂村, 欢迎来到麦乐村, Welcome to Milele Village 2023

Welcome to Milele Village Synopsis and Plot Summary

Through chance, Ma Jia, a doctor from the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University was part of in the team of 25th Chinese medical team to help Sanna and travelled to Africa.

With totally different environments and massive different cultures, China as well as Africa Ma Jia was able to demonstrate both determination and surrender.

Correcting his mindset and adjusting it and gradually understanding what is the Chinese foreign aid doctor practicing.

The 2 years that foreign aid, the mental and physical training as well as under the pressure of low spirits.

Ma Jia as well as his colleagues from the medical group were stationed at “Maile Village” where they experienced happiness and touching reunions, departures, and thrilling adventures.

Welcome to Milele Village Cast

Jin Dong as Ma Jia

Zu Feng as Jiang Da Qiao

Zhang Yu Qi as Wu Mei

Liu Guan Lin as Peng Wei

Peng Bo as Qin Tong

Ning Xin as Sun Shuang

Zhou Zhi as Su Xin

He Luo Luo as Zhao Yi Cong

Yue Yang as Yu Qi Qiang

Ding Liu Yuan as Xu Hui

Liu Jia as Lin Nan

Huang Cheng Cheng as Ding Kai

Wang Sheng Di as Jiang Yao

Wang Zi Quan as Chang Lai

Zhao Zi Qi as Liu Xiao Xian

Huang Cheng Cheng as Guest Role

Ding Yong Dai as Liang Sen Lin

Liu Min Tao as Shi Zhu Zi

Mekael Turner Unknown

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