We At That Time (2021)

Overall: We At That Time is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). We At That Time cast: Amy Sun, Cya Liu, Li Ze Feng. We At That Time Release Date: 1 December 2021. We At That Time Episodes: 39.

We At That Time Detail

Drama: We At That Time (2021)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Hsiu Lan Hu, Hu Yi Juan
Main Stars: Amy Sun, Cya Liu, Li Ze Feng
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 1 December 2021-25 December 2021
Aired: On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Episodes: 39
Also Known As: Zui Hou De Wo Men , Na Shi De Wo Men , 最后的我们 , 最後的我們 , 那時的我們, 那时的我们, We At That Time 2021

We At That Time Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ye Ke and her high school pal Ji Zhixia reunited after an extended absence. She is running difficult to emerge as an great woman motorbike racer. Ji Zhixia is ready to begin a new lifestyles with her fiance Zhong Yuan. Later, Xia ran faraway from home due to domestic violence, and changed into taken in through Ye Ke, Tang Xiao, Xiao Ran and Zhang Qiang. These younger human beings stay in concord and love within the shared residence.

Ye Ke encountered a bottleneck in racing due to ladies’s bodily health, however with the encouragement of everybody and thru notable efforts, she overcame the difficulties. With the help of her housemates, Zhixia gradually modified from vulnerable to unbiased and self-reliant. After all of the twists and turns of career, circle of relatives, and existence, anyone in the shared residence realized their dreams.

We At That Time Cast

Amy Sun as Ji Zhi Xia
Cya Liu as Ye Ke
Li Ze Feng as Zhong Yuan
Xu Ke as Xiao Ran
Zai Zai Lin as Tang Xiao
Li Mao as Zhang Qiang
Zhang Jun Han as Gao Liang
Joy Pan as Ji Mei Lan
Liu Hai Lan as Emma
Liu Ze Yu as Ye Di
Zhang Wei Na as Sha Sha
Cao He as Kong Xiang
Yin Yi Bo as Shun Zi
Liang Guo Rong as Fang Guo Dong
Zhang Gong as Ye Jian Jun
Yang Ping as Zhou Xiao Mei
Shang Guan Tong as Zhong Yuan’s mother
Shan Bao Zhong as Zhong Yuan’s father
Wang Si Qin as Shop manager
Yu Yang as Secretary Cui
Han Shuo as Ding Rui
Xu Ding as Hua Long
Jia Shu Yi as Tang Xiao’s mother
Zhou Shuai as Da Lun
Huang Zhen Chen as Zhong Yuan Young

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