Warm and Sweet (2023)

Overall: Warm and Sweet is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Warm and Sweet cast: Victoria Song, Vengo Gao, Sunny Wang. Warm and Sweet Release Date: 3 May 2023. Warm and Sweet Episodes: 38.

Warm and Sweet Detail

Drama: Warm and Sweet (2023)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Liu Jiang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Victoria Song, Michelle Chen, Lu Yi
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 3 May 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 3 May 2023-25 May 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: Wen Nuan De, Tian Mi De, 温暖的甜蜜的, 温暖的,甜蜜的, Warm and Sweet 2023

Warm and Sweet Synopsis and Plot Summary

Nan Fei and Qi Jia Yi are a couple of best friends who are both more than 30 years of age and confronting cultural tensions for ladies. Nan Fei’s beau Chen Tooth is going through a vocation change and he is reluctant about marriage.

In a story that follows the existences of two contemporary ladies more than 30, Nan Fei and her sweetheart Chen Tooth are a couple whose relationship is on the rocks. He is occupied with his profession and reluctant to get hitched. Moreover, inconveniences from the ex and family issues worsen what is going on.

Just before her wedding, Qi Jia Yi out of nowhere understands that marriage ought to be for affection instead of safety. She then says farewell to her childish and bombastic spouse, lastly meets her genuine romance in Jiao Yue. Be that as it may, she is uncertain about pushing ahead with him in view of her feeling of inadequacy.

In the interim, Nan Fei trips to neediness stricken regions to assist with peopling who were brought into the world with deserts or were harmed however didn’t have the cash for plastic medical procedure recover their certainty. Through cooperating on a home redesign, Qi Jia Yi and Jiao Yue slowly foster affections for one another. After a large number of turns, Nan Fei and Chen Tooth as well as Qi Jia Yii and Jiao Yue figure out how to see their hearts obviously and understand the genuine significance of a superior life.

Warm and Sweet Cast

Victoria Song as Nan Fei

Michelle Chen as Qi Jia Yi

Lu Yi as Chen Fang

Jing Chao as Jiao Yue

Sun Jian as Ling Jiao Yang

Cao Zheng as Xu Xi

Li Yi Xiao as Support Role

Pan Hong as Support Role

Tian Min as Support Role

Jiang Rui Lin as Support Role

Pan Hong as Chen Bao Zhu Qi Jia Yi’s mother

Sun Ning as Shu Ting Chen Fang’s ex-wife

Cao Zheng as Xu Xi Qi Jia Yi’s husband

Wu Mian as Support Role

Liang Tian as Support Role

Yue Hong as Support Role

Yang Qing as Nan Fei’s mother | Obstetrician

Shi Jing Ming as Support Role

Tian Min as Fang Hui Mei Xu Xi’s mother

Zong Ping as Nan Fei’s father

Jiang Rui Lin as Chen Po Chen Fang’s son

Bai Zhi Di as Chen Fang’s father

Wang Li Yun as Chen Fang’s mother

Qu Zha Zha as Chen Fang’s sister

Zhang Ke Ying as Support Role

Li Yi Xiao as Support Role

Jin Tie Feng as Nan Fei’s superior

Yu Cheng Qun as Hospital Dean

Chi Jia as Support Role

Ding Yang as Support Role

Hans Cui as Support Role

Xu Ling Yue as Support Role

Huai Wen as Support Role

Cao Ke Nan as Support Role

Yan Qin as Support Role

Luo Yi as Support Role

Yue Yi En as Support Role

Wu Xiao Dong as Support Role

Tan Feng as Support Role

Li Li Hong as Support Role

Ru Tian as Plastic surgery patient

Daniel Feng as Liu Min

Lu Xin as Lu Dan Zhou

Candy Tu as Chen Xi Yao

Fanny Yang as Yang Yi

Cui Zhi Gang as Father Qiu

Zhou Ling as Mother Qiu

Xu Peng Fei as Xiao Ding

Chen Ying Dan as Jiang Wei Bing

Wang Yi Sheng as Chief Engineer Wu

Wang Kan as Jiang Ting

Lan Cheng as Zhu Yi Nan

Leng Hai Ming as Director Lin

Li Jing Jing as Liao Di

Xu Sheng as Old Luo

Yang Shu as Old Peng

Vanessa Cai as Gai Mo

Vicki Dong as Xiao Jia

Bi Han Wen as Old Xu

Tu Zhi Ying as Qi Jia Yi Young

Kong Ying Hong as Reporter

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