Varanus Priscus (2021)

Overall: Varanus Priscus is a Chinese Thriller, Movie (2021). Varanus Priscus cast: Yuan Fufu, Nan Shi, Coco Shi. Varanus Priscus Release Date: 3 April 2021. Varanus Priscus.

Varanus Priscus Detail

Movie: Varanus Priscus (2021)
Main Stars: Yuan Fufu, Nan Shi, Coco Shi
Genres: Thriller, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 3 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 3 April 2021
Also Known As: varanus Priscus 巨蜥 , 巨蜥, 巨蜥, Varanus Priscus 2021

Varanus Priscus Synopsis and Plot Summary

About a TV crew that comes throughout large scuffling with beasts on an uninhabited island.
The TV group led by means of ex-soldier Cao Yue is filming a TV truth display approximately survival on a deserted island. They meet tidal waves of insects on their manner, battling hermit crabs and fights to the demise towards the historical large lizard, the real dragon.

Varanus Priscus Cast

Yuan Fufu as Cao Yue

Nan Shi as Su Qiaoqiao

Coco Shi as Support Role

Yanni Wang as Support Role

Li Cong Xi as Lao Zhu

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