Tiger Robbers (2020)

Overall: Tiger Robbers is a Chinese Crime, Movie (2020). Tiger Robbers cast: Candy Song, Ma Li, Zhang Hai Yu. Tiger Robbers Release Date: 1 May 2021. Tiger Robbers.

Tiger Robbers Detail

Movie: Tiger Robbers (2021)
Director: Li Yu
Writer: Li Yu
Main Stars: Candy Song, Ma Li, Zhang Hai Yu
Genres: Crime, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 1 May 2021
Also Known As: Sunshine Robbers , A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth , Tiger Blues , Yang Guang Bu Shi Jie Fei , 阳光不是劫匪, 阳光劫匪, Tiger Robbers 2021

Tiger Robbers Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the journey story of 4 odd youths forming a collection of “robbers”.
Xiao Xue and her daughter Nana have by no means been separated before. When Nana goes missing, Xiao Xue commissions Yang Guang’s puppy recovery service for assist in finding her daughter. Yang Guang who carries emotional scars from her formative years is of the same opinion to help after being moved with the aid of Xiao Xue and learns that Nana is a five-year-antique Bengal tiger. In the system of rescuing Nana, Yang Guang and Xiao Xue come to heal every different’s wounds.

Tiger Robbers Cast

Candy Song as Main Role
Ma Li as Main Role
Zhang Hai Yu as Support Role
Eric Tsang as Support Role
Jim Chim as Support Role
Yang Di as Support Role
Xu Le Wei as Support Role
Liu Jia Ge as Support Role

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