Thunder Chaser (2024)

Thunder Chaser is a Chinese Action, Mystery, Drama (2024). Thunder Chaser cast: Jin Han, Qin Hai Lu, Liu Duan Duan. Thunder Chaser Release Date: 2024. Thunder Chaser Episodes: 36.

Thunder Chaser Detail

Drama: Thunder Chaser (2024)
Director: Lin Feng
Main Stars: Jin Han, Qin Hai Lu, Liu Duan Duan
Genres: Action, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Thunder Order, Lei Ting Ling, Leui Ting Lim, 雷霆令, Thunder Chaser 2024

Thunder Chaser Synopsis and Plot Summary

A specific province in the northwest is a major transportation route across Western provinces of five. It has also grown to become the largest distribution hub for drugs within the western region.

After entering the country via within the Golden Triangle, the drugs left Yunnan and were then transported to Acropolis which was then taken to various locations.

In the process, a few black groups seeking to make money took extreme risks, leading countless individuals to be swept into the scourge of drugs, and causing families of all kinds to be devastated.

Bai Hua, woman captain in the anti-narcotics brigade is sick of tackling different cases throughout the day and hopes that the superiors of her will be able to add fresh blood and competent police officers.

Three attractive and young police officers comprising Zhuang Yan Li Xiao, and Wei Kai, passed strict screening at all levels, and eventually joined the anti-narcotics brigade.

Under the direction by Female Captain Bai Hua and deputy captain Lu Wei, through unremitting efforts and a strong conviction in the purification of the Silk Road, they went through the mud and took risks to take on the enemies.

At the final moment, massive drugs the lord Long Zhiyuan, Pi Yazi and others were found guilty along with the black umbrella that was behind their abode was wiped out which made huge contributions in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Thunder Chaser Cast

Jin Han as Zhuang Yan

Qin Hai Lu as Bai Hua

Liu Duan Duan as Li Xiao

Yuan Bing Yan as Ge Dan

Xu Ya Jun as Ma Jing Rong

Wang Long Zheng as Li Qiang

Ray Lui as Long Zhi Yuan

Waise Lee as Ti La De

Jiang Hong Bo as Mu Qing

Ding Hai Feng as Huang Lie

Qi Hang as Wei Kai

Chunyu Shan Shan as Jiang Li Ye

Lu Si Yu as Lu Wei

Jin Zhao as Liang Wen Biao

Xu Lei Zhi as Cheng Wei Min

Pan Tai Ming as Shen Cheng

Chen Liang as Wen Qing

Zhang Zi Dong as Xu Duo Duo

Wang Xing Chen as Sha Ti

Wang Ze Lin as Zhao Ming

Rong Er Jia as Tuo Ni / Tony

Su Dan as Guan Qiang

Guo Hong Jie as Si Jiao She

Wang Ming as Li Xiao Dong

Liu Zhen as Support Role

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