The Unbeatable (2021)

Overall: The Unbeatable is a Chinese Action, Adventure, Movie (2021). The Unbeatable cast: Han Cong Cong, Gavin Gao, Chuo Ni. The Unbeatable Release Date: 26 January 2021. The Unbeatable.

The Unbeatable Detail

Movie: The Unbeatable (2021)
Main Stars: Han Cong Cong, Gavin Gao, Chuo Ni
Genres: Action, Adventure, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 January 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 26 January 2021
Also Known As: You Fei Zhi Ye Zi Ge , Legend of Fei: Midnight Song , Ye Zi Ge , Legend of Fei , 有匪之子夜歌 , You Fei Po Xue Zhan, 有匪破雪斩, The Unbeatable 2021

The Unbeatable Synopsis and Plot Summary

Story of Li Jinrong, little girl of Li Zheng (the head of the 48 mountain fortification), and mother of Zhou Fei, and how she changes and develop from a cheerful young lady who fears nothing to a legend of her age, amidst looking for vengeance and reclamation.

In spite of being the solitary relative of the “Po Xue Knife”, she doesn’t flounder in the hurt of losing her dad and country and rather tries to confront difficulties and penances heads on. At last, she understands the genuine importance of valor and sets aside her craving for vengeance for everyone’s benefit of the individuals.

The Unbeatable Cast

Han Cong Cong as Li Jin Rong
Gavin Gao as Zhou Yi Tang
Chuo Ni as Duan Jiu Niang
Cui Peng as Li Wei
Yu Xin Bo as Shen Tian Qu
Ning Xiao Hua as Sect Leader Song
Deng Li Min as Liang Shao
Gu Yu Han as Li Jin Rong young
Choi Chan as Zhou Yi Tang Young
Liu Feng Shuo as Wen Yu

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