The Starting Line (2021)

Overall: The Starting Line is a Chinese Drama (2021). The Starting Line cast: Tamia Liu, Li Guang Jie, Ying Er. The Starting Line Release Date: 2021. The Starting Line Episodes: 40.

The Starting Line Detail

Drama: The Starting Line (2021)
Network: Hunan TV
Main Stars: Tamia Liu, Li Guang Jie, Ying Er
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Qi Bao Xian, 起跑线, The Starting Line 2021

The Starting Line Synopsis and Plot Summary

About the existence of moms, and their relationship with their kids.

The connection among a couple, parent-kid and intergenerational connections in the four families has encountered enormous difficulties.

Only one year of pre-school training of their small kids permitted youthful guardians to acquire significant development encounters in their lives, learning not to be snared with rivalry yet re-visitation of the first goal of assisting kids with remaining on the genuine beginning stage of their life.

The Starting Line Cast

Tamia Liu as Su Xing
Li Guang Jie as Xi Bin
Ying Er as Lin Yun Yun
Calvin Li as Gu Jia Wei
Hu Ke as He Jing Hua
Marc Jia as Jiang Bo
Tao Xin Ran as Shen Xiao Yan
Zhang Rui Han as Li Qiang
Chen Zhi Yan as Gu Lin Xin Yue
Jiang Rui Lin as Lin Fei Fan
Wang Shan Shui as Xiao Xiao
Lin Xin Yi as Zi Ning

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