The Stage (2020)

Overall: The Stage is a Chinese Drama (2020). The Stage cast: Zhang Jia Yi, Yan Ni, Song Dan Dan. The Stage Release Date: 29 November 2020. The Stage Episodes: 33.

The Stage Detail

Drama: The Stage (2020)
Network: BTV
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Zhang Jia Yi, Yan Ni, Song Dan Dan
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 November 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 29 November 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Zhuang Tai , I Treat Life Like First Love , Wo Dai Sheng Huo Ru Chu Lian , 我待生活如初恋, 装台, The Stage 2020

The Stage Synopsis and Plot Summary

Diao Shun Zi drives a group in the background that participate in a phase creation. He has a delicate and temperate spouse in Cai Su Fen and a hoarder of ‘troubling’ relatives, consequently clearing a path for a story loaded up with chuckling and tears.

Diao Shun Zi dedicates himself to each part of stage work to guarantee that the stage will consistently be awesome. They’ve worked with show companies, weddings, and memorial services to experience individuals from varying backgrounds. Regardless of others’ opinion, Shun Zi is energetic about what he does and accepts that his occupation is a fine art.

In his middle age, he is encircled by numerous individuals. His furious oldest little girl Ju Hua who is ruined and difficult, his non-blood-related second little girl Mei who is blameless and kind, his older sibling Diao Da Jun.

Who has meandered about for a large portion that should not be taken lightly lastly, the sort hearted Cai Su Fen who abruptly shows up in his life.

Indeed, even as their area is at risk for being wrecked, what stays unaltered is Shun Zi’s standards and his duty towards his friends and family.

The Stage Cast

Zhang Jia Yi as Diao Shun Zi
Yan Ni as Cai Su Fen
Song Dan Dan as Dan Dan
Amanda Qin as Shou Qiang
You Yong as Diao Da Jun
Joker Sun as Tie Kou
Chen Xiao Yi as Ba Shen
Jiang Guan Nan as Er Dai
Yi Wang as San Pi
Wu Man Si as Han Mei
Ji Ta as Da Que’er
Wen Zhang as Guest Role

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