The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 (2020)

Overall: The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 is a Chinese Drama (2020). The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 cast: Edward Zhang, Duan Yi Hong, Li Nai Wen. The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 Release Date: 1 December 2020. The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 Episodes: 40.

The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 Detail

Drama: The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 (2020)
Network: CCTV, Tencent Video
Main Stars: Edward Zhang, Duan Yi Hong, Li Nai Wen
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 1 December 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Da Qin Di Guo Zhi Tian Xia, The Qin Empire IV , 大秦帝国之天下, Da Qin Fu Zhi Dong Chu, 大秦赋之东出, The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 2020

The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 Synopsis and Plot Summary

It follows the Qin State during the late phases of the Warring States time. Ying Zheng, Lu Bu Wei, Li Si, Wang Jian, and numerous impressive lawmakers cooperate to join the six states under one principle. The Qin Empire turns into the primary administration of Imperial China.

The Qin State has accomplished vital predominance among the six states because of forceful measures set forth by King Zhao Xiang. After the back to back passings of King Zhao Xiang and his replacement King Xiao Wen, the imperial court was tossed into disagreements regarding authenticity. Lu Bu Wei, an incredible and persuasive trader endeavors to hold onto power by helping Ying Yi Ren, a ruler in a state of banishment, to the seat. The oldest ruler leaves the capital wrapping the political turmoil up.

Qin strikes down different states with the desire to govern all the terrains. Be that as it may, the fight among Qin and Zhao ends up being troublesome and dangerous. In the wake of Ying Zheng, a sovereign of Qin, and his mom Zhao Ji advance home, Ying Zheng starts to show the characteristics of a ruler under the direction of Lu Bu Wei. To situate her child on the seat, Zhao Ji and Lu Bu Wei hold hands against Huayang Furen. Ying Zheng begins a ridiculous way to turning into a sovereign as he utilizes the individuals around him to make sure about force.

The Qin Empire 4: Part 1 Cast

Edward Zhang as Ying Zheng
Duan Yi Hong as Lu Bu Wei
Li Nai Wen as Li Si
Zhu Zhu as Queen Dowager Zhao Ji
Vivian Wu as Mrs. Hua Yang
You Yong as Wang Jian
Li Hong Tao as Shen Yue
Zhou Tie as Ying Xi
Wang Qing Xiang as King Zhao Xiang of Qin
Liu Jun as King Xiao Cheng of Zhao
Feng Hui as King Xiao Wen of Qin
Yu Yan Kai as General Meng Ao
Lu Yong as General Li Mu
Zang Jin Sheng as Pang Nuan
Chen Zhi Hui as General Lian Po
Huang Xiao Ge as Princess Han Ni
Liu Guan Lin as Guo Kai
Max Luan as Mi Qi
Zhao Zheng Yang as Wang Wan
Wang Chao as Yao Jia
Zhao Xin as Dong Er
Zhu Hui as Yang Quan Jun
Chen Qiu Guo as Meng Wu
Ren Yu as Ying Yu
Ma He as Support Role
Lu Yong Jun as Si Ren Shi
Nelly Telong as Wang Ben
Jojo Chen as Li Qiu
Shu Yao Gao as Yang Xue
Sun Di as Guo Dan
Xie Ning as Li Yuan
Wang Li as Huan Yi
Zhu Yue as Xiao Yan
Li Zhou Zhao as Ying Zheng Teen
Xu Huan Shan as Xun Zi
Fu Lei as Zhao Hu
Sun Xin Hong as Xin Sheng
Li Xin Ze as Zhao Gao
Ma Da Bao as Ying Zheng Young
Wang Bo Qing as Support Role
Wei Bing Hua as Support Role

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