The Pioneer (2021)

Overall: The Pioneer is a Chinese Movie (2021). The Pioneer cast: Zhang Song Wen, Liang Jing, Li Yi Feng. The Pioneer Release Date: 1 July 2021. The Pioneer.

The Pioneer Detail

Movie: The Pioneer (2021)
Director: Guan Hu
Main Stars: Zhang Song Wen, Liang Jing, Li Yi Feng
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 July 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 1 July 2021
Also Known As: Ge Ming Zhe, 革命者, The Pioneer 2021

The Pioneer Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the tale of Li Di Zhao’s revolutionary deeds from 1912 to 1927, and the stories of human beings with lofty beliefs and innovative pioneers underneath his management who devoted themselves to the awesome cause of Marxism.

The Pioneer Cast

Zhang Song Wen as Li Di Zhao
Li Yi Feng as Mao Ze Dong
Tong Li Ya as Zhao Ren Lan
Peng Yu Chang as Zhang Xue Liang
Qin Hao as Chen Du Xiu
Zhang Ruo Nan as Li Xing Hua
Xin Yun Lai as Deng Zhong Xia
Sun Xi Lun as A Chen
Han Geng as Support Role
Ma Shao Hua as Support Role
Liang Jing as Support Role
He Yu Xiao as Support Role
Shao Lao Wu as Miner

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