The Penalty Zone (2020)

Overall: The Penalty Zone is a Chinese Mystery, Crime, Detective, Drama (2020). The Penalty Zone cast: Oho Ou, Liu Xiao Jie, Li Nai Wen. The Penalty Zone Release Date: 22 December 2020. The Penalty Zone Episodes: 36.

The Penalty Zone Detail

Drama: The Penalty Zone (2020)
Network: iQiyi, iQiyi
Director: Jack Zhao
Writer: Jack Zhao
Main Stars: Oho Ou, Liu Xiao Jie, Li Nai Wen
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Detective, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 22 December 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Hei Bai Jin Qu , Hei Bai Jin Ou, 黑白禁区The Penalty Zone 2020

The Penalty Zone Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows covert cop Gan Tianlei who went through 10 years of his life strolling a hazy situation. In the wake of awakening from a genuine physical issue, he restarts his life and attempts to fathom a case by depending on his lost recollections.

Gan Tianlei, Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang used to be the strong triplet of the police foundation. In any case, Gan Tianlei was excused after he injured somebody to help Yang Xiaolei. Subsequent to leaving the institute, he moves south to earn enough to pay the rent and was enlisted by Che Lizi of the Caesar Group.

Gan Tianlei experiences secret police Uncle Hai and because of his impact, Gan Tianlei starts filling in as a source for Tai Yongfeng. He ultimately gets a unique arrangement to turn into a cop to cut down Caesar Group. Before they could succeed,

Gan Tianlei gets trapped in a blast and falls into a state of extreme lethargy. After eight years, Gan Tianlei rises in the medical clinic without any recollections. The argument against Caesar Group has been excused because of absence of proof and Gan Tianlei’s memory might be the main key.

The Penalty Zone Cast

Oho Ou as Gan Tian Lei
Liu Xiao Jie as Yang Xiao Lei
Li Nai Wen as Lu Ming Xiong
Du Yuan as Tai Yong Feng
Fu Cheng Peng as Xiong Guo Liang
Xu Hong Jie as Che Li Zi
Gu Yu Han as Jian Xiao Yuan
Fei Li Qi as Li Ke
Yu Yue as Shang Jing Ye
Shen Lu as Yu San Jie
Guan Ya Jun as Lao Yu
Li Fei as Zhao Ming Cheng
Zhang Jin as Shang Ke Zi
Xie Xian as Linda
Li Hong Chen as Wu Qing Feng
Xia Hou Bin as Chen Si Jie
Zhao Xun as Ma Lie
Sun An Qi as Support Role
Johnson Chen as Lao Bai
Wang Ting as Ouyang Hui
Hou Meng Sha as Wang Li jie
Bao Bei Er as Tan Xiao Shuai
Karlina Zhang as Su Ling
Heidi Wang as Tan Po
Johnny Kou as Kai San
Andy Zhang as Zhan Li Feng
Zhao Long Hao as Shi Xiao Hai
Wang Ke as Dao Yu Han
He Zheng Jun as Director Zhang
Ning Xiao Zhi as Hall Manager Fan
Zhou De Hua as Zhou Chong
Yang Shu as Ma Rui
Wang Fei as Tan Biao

Other Cast

Sun Xun as Yao Suo Chang

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