The Needle of GuiMen (2021)

Overall: The Needle of GuiMen is a Chinese Mystery, Movie (2021). The Needle of GuiMen cast: Jordan He, Bai Cheng Jun, Zhang Xin Lei. The Needle of GuiMen Release Date: 26 August 2021. The Needle of GuiMen.

The Needle of GuiMen Detail

Movie: The Needle of GuiMen (2021)
Director: Shen Jin Fei
Main Stars: Jordan He, Bai Cheng Jun, Zhang Xin Lei
Genres: Mystery, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 August 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: miaoshou shentan zhi qui men shisan zhen, 妙手神探之鬼门十三针, The Needle of GuiMen 2021

The Needle of GuiMen Synopsis and Plot Summary

It changed into said that the ancient medical approach, the Needle of GuiMen, turned into surprising. The correct may want to use it to convey the death returned to lifestyles, and the evil ought to use it to control people as puppets. Everyone coveted it. However, it has disappeared early in records, and nobody ought to find a trace of it. Just as the tales of it have almost faded away from the reminiscences of the humans, a serial homicide case arises, concerning the Needle of GuiMen.

Song Jing Zhi, initially named Wu Jie, was a disciple of the GuiMen sect but became kicked out after being blamed for killing his master. Years later, he gets worried inside the serial homicide case related to the Needle of GuiMen method.

The Needle of GuiMen Cast

Jordan He as Wu Jie / Song Jing Zhi
Bai Cheng Jun as Wu Hen
Zhang Xin Lei as Yuan Ling Yun

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