The Mysterious Team (2023)

Overall: The Mysterious Team is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). The Mysterious Team cast: Sean Chen, Kiton Jiang, Zhou Mi. The Mysterious Team Release Date: 2023. The Mysterious Team Episodes: 40.

The Mysterious Team Detail

Drama: The Mysterious Team (2023)
Main Stars: Sean Chen, Kiton Jiang, Zhou Mi
Director: Liu Ning
Genres: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Tian shu zi qiyue xing tze , Contract Walker of Tianshu , Tianshu’s Contract,天枢之契约行者,The Mysterious Team 2023

The Mysterious Team Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is set in the early long periods in the Republic of China when legends are out of control over hidden treasures. Our saint is given the task by his patron to locate the treasure.

He’s currently involved in numerous retribution plots, one of which led to the death of his master. Our brave woman is an educated miss, coming back from an assignment to find her missing brother.

The in the end discover four items in the fortune boxes, that reveal two agreements, one is to break the seal with a childish force or the other is to close the seal, and let the information be released by the breeze.

They will be treasure trackers, or agreement fulfillmenters, each with its particular obstacles to survival and decisions to make.

The Mysterious Team Cast

Sean Chen as Tang Tian Ci

Kiton Jiang as Zi Shu Mingyue

Zhou Mi as Zhan Mu Si / ‘James’

Han Cheng Yu as Leng Yi Ming

Wang Gang as Tang Chao Ting

Fu Jun as Ban Du Tong

Liang Ye Wen as Li Fei

Cidy Hou as Yamamoto Ryufu

Paul Chun as Zu Ge Momazhai leader

Kido Gao as A’Shui Gobi tribe

Fan Yi Xuan as Gui Zuo

Stacey Xu as Qin Wan Wan

Ren Yi as Hao Ru Feng

Hou Jun Guang as Support Role

Gao Han Yu as A’Shui \ Gobi tribe

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