The Moment I Met You (2024)

The Moment I Met You is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). The Moment I Met You cast: Ren Hao, Ireine Song, Li Yu Hao. The Moment I Met You Release Date: 2024. The Moment I Met You Episodes: 24.

The Moment I Met You Detail

Drama: The Moment I Met You (2024)
Main Stars: Ren Hao, Ireine Song, Li Yu Hao
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Bu Yu Yun Shang Bu Yu Ni, Yun Shang Zhi Yu Ni , 云裳不遇你, 不遇雲裳不遇你, 雲裳隻遇你, 不遇云裳不遇你, The Moment I Met You 2024

The Moment I Met You Synopsis and Plot Summary

Mao Buyu the heir of the God family of the Catcher is in love with Chu Yunshang, an innocent flower girl who conceals his identity. chief of the family of thieves.

To break the customs of his ancestors and to marry the bride Yun Shang, Mao Buyu issued a military directive to capture the chief of the robbers. Mao Buyu was promoted to the rank of six-door arrester.

With the burden of inheriting the family’s task, Yun Chang had to keep alternating as the leader of the thieves along with the girl who was flowering.

The two characters change identities and a cat-and-mouse battle begins quietly.

The Moment I Met You Cast

Ren Hao as Mao Bu Yu

Ireine Song as Chu Yun Shang

Li Yu Hao as Luo Wu Xia

Yun Qian Qian as Chi Chi

Zhang Si Fan as Mei Guang Zu

Zhao Yao Ke as Chu Xiang Ling

Wang Jun Bi as Shen Yi Die

Zhao Qian as Luo Wu Shuang

Danson Tang as Support Role

Leanne Li as Support Role

Wei Yi Bo as Support Role

Yang Hsiung as Support Role

Lu Zheng as Support Role

Yu Hong Zhou as Support Role

Li Xin Ai as Support Role

Han Yu Tong as Support Role

Pei Zheng Zheng as Support Role

Chen Yu Ming as Support Role

Li Xi Zi as Guest Role

Zeng Yao Hui as Guest Role

Zhang Xu Zhen as Guest Role

Wang Shuai as Guest Role

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