The Legend of Rosy Clouds (2024)

The Legend of Rosy Clouds is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). The Legend of Rosy Clouds cast: Li Yi Tong, Joseph Zeng, Deng Wei. The Legend of Rosy Clouds Release Date: 2024. The Legend of Rosy Clouds Episodes: 50.

The Legend of Rosy Clouds Detail

Drama: The Legend of Rosy Clouds (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Zhu Shao Jie
Writer: Lan Bai Se
Main Stars: Li Yi Tong, Joseph Zeng, Deng Wei
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 50
Also Known As: Cai Yun Guo Wu Yu, 彩云国, Cai Yun Guo, 彩云国物语, The Story of Saiunkoku, Yun Xiu Xing, 云秀行, The Legend of Rosy Clouds 2024

The Legend of Rosy Clouds Synopsis and Plot Summary

The daughter of the famous “Red” clan, Hong Xiu Li, although she was the eldest legitimate daughter, led an existence of poverty alongside her father.

Hong Shao Kai, and a mysterious person named Zi Jing Lan, who her father took into his early years.

After experiencing turmoil and understanding the pain of the people and the suffering of the people, her, being a child was unable to take part in the imperial exam to be an official.

Thus, she pinned her hopes upon her children, and later was hired as a teacher in an private school.

The smart Prime Minister Xiao who had a sharp eye attracted Hong Xiuli with a high incentive to join in the royal palace to be a noble consort, and aid the current king Zi Liu Hui.

Zi Liu Hui pretended to appear to be a weak leader, but was really waiting for his brother exiled, Prince Qing Yuan, to return and assume the throne. After having a meeting with Hong Xiu Li, he was captivated by her intelligence and devotion.

He was able to manage state affairs and changed the laws to permit women to be a part of the imperial exam.

Hong Xiu Li did well in the test as she was the first woman to be a official of the Kingdom of Caiyun.

She was appointed the provincial governor. Her efforts were rewarded with the strength, wisdom and determination.

She was able to quell the rage of different states, bringing in a period of unprecedented prosperity, and also finding romance throughout the process.

The Legend of Rosy Clouds Cast

Li Yi Tong as Hong Xiu Li

Joseph Zeng as Zi Liu Hui

Deng Wei as Cha Shuo Xun

Dai Lu Wa as Lan Shi San Ji

Riley Wang as Zi Jing Lan

Cheng Hong Xin as Lan Qiu Ying

Jian Yu Xi as Du Ying Yue

Felicia Fan as Xiang Ling

Jeremy Zuo as Wenrun Ruyu

Omid as Support Role

Zhai Xiang Yang as Support Role

Ling Mei Shi as Support Role

Jerome Deng as Support Role

Ge Fan Zhi as Support Role

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