The Legend of Nezha (2023)

The Legend of Nezha is a Chinese Action, Movie (2023). The Legend of Nezha cast: Leo Wu, Fair Xing, Zhang Feng Yi. The Legend of Nezha Release Date: 2023. The Legend of Nezha.

The Legend of Nezha Detail

Movie: The Legend of Nezha (2023)
Main Stars: Leo Wu, Xing Fei, Zhang Feng Yi
Genres: Action, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Trouble in the East China Sea, Ne Zha, Da Nao Dong Hai, Ne Zha Zhi Long Dan Zhi Di, 哪吒之龙胆之地, 大鬧東海, 哪吒之龍膽之地,大闹东海,The Legend of Nezha 2023

The Legend of Nezha Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story will begin from the disastrous detestable mishap, the catastrophe and its dad Li Jing. Great court indicted Li Jing and his better half for showing kids, and rebuffed along with Nezha.

Nezha bravely assumed liability for his dad’s transgression. His obedient devotion moved the world, and he at long last turned into a positive outcome. The family rejoined and shared the world.

The Legend of Nezha Cast

Leo Wu as Ne Zha

Xing Fei as Yao Guang

Zhang Feng Yi as Li Jing

Michelle Yeoh as Yin Rong

Luo Pei as Support Role

Gao Sheng Wu as Jin Sha

Tim Yu as Lu Quan

Liu Ning Hao as Ling Feng

Yun Xiang as Li Jing’s bodyguard

Jike Junyi as Ying Zhu

Jiang Chao as Ao Bing

Zhang Chun Zhong as South Dragon King

Wang Guo Hui as “Junior Brother”

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