The Legend of Jewelry (2024)

The Legend of Jewelry is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). The Legend of Jewelry cast: Zhao Lu Si, Liu Yu Ning, Tang Xiao Tian. The Legend of Jewelry Release Date: 2024. The Legend of Jewelry Episodes: 38.

The Legend of Jewelry Detail

Drama: The Legend of Jewelry (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Xie Ze
Writer: Ma Sha Sha
Main Stars: Zhao Lu Si, Liu Yu Ning, Tang Xiao Tian
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: Pearl Curtain and Jade Curtain, Zhu Lian Yu Mu, 珠簾玉幕, 珠帘玉幕, The Legend of Jewelry 2024

The Legend of Jewelry Synopsis and Plot Summary

in the beginning of Tang Dynasty, a girl who was fishing for pearls in Hepu left the pearl fields during the Dragon Boat Festival to avoid being ridiculed.

In a crucial moment, Zhang Jin Ran stepped in to aid her escape.

In order to learn about his experiences, Duan Wu joined the Sogdian merchant Yan Zi Jing’s caravan using his nimble mind to handle a large amount of jewelry business. He also developed a close relationship and a close relationship with Yue Yun.

The lady from Nianyu. Jing Dian was the first to open the door to the world of jewelry, however, Duan Wu was involved in the life-and-death scenario created through Yan Zi Jing and almost lost her life.

To find out the truth to find out the truth, the Dragon Boat Festival went to Yangzhou and was renowned for”tortoise shell armour” “tortoise shell armour”.

He as well Yue Yun Xiu collaborated to create an mirror-based platform.

He made use of horses and jewelry to overcome the limitations of local jewelers, and to gain an area within the guild.

He also created the coloured glaze as well as sesel. be first introduced to Yangzhou

In a country where white jewelry is in high demand and enhancing the local style and becoming the leading player in the market.

Through chance, Zhang Jin Ran got together and the two of they will never be apart.

However, when she was finally elected head of the guild, she was assaulted to the ground by her former friend, Zheng Zhi. Fortunately Zhang Jin Ran came to her aid her from a situation where the life of her was hanging on one thread.

After her escape, she confronted Zheng Zhi Heng and she returned and became the new head of the guild and took her Yangzhou guild to the heights of jewelry arts once more.

The Legend of Jewelry Cast

Zhao Lu Si as Duan Wu

Liu Yu Ning as Yan Zi Jing

Tang Xiao Tian as Main Role

Zhang Li as Support Role

Gao Lu as Support Role

Huang Hai Bing as Support Role

Fan Yu Jie as Support Role

Zhang Kai Tai as Support Role

Meng Zhi Xu as Support Role

Dong Yan as Support Role

Zhang Xi Qian as Support Role

Gao Shu Guang as Support Role

Huang Jun Peng as Support Role

Ding Xiao Ying as Support Role

Smile Wei as Support Role

Winnie Yu as Support Role

Qi Xiang as Support Role

Chloe Xie as Support Role

Fu Bo Han as Support Role

Zhang Wan Er as Guest Role

Joyin Cai as Guest Role

Shi Yu as Guest Role

Cola Yao as Guest Role

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