The Last Wulin (2024)

The Last Wulin is a Chinese Comedy, Drama (2024). The Last Wulin cast: Jiang Xin, Gong Zheng, Yue Yang. The Last Wulin Release Date: 2024. The Last Wulin Episodes: 30.

The Last Wulin Detail

Drama: The Last Wulin (2024)
Main Stars: Jiang Xin, Gong Zheng, Yue Yang
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Zui Hou De Wu Lin, The last martial arts, 最后的武林, The Last Wulin 2024

The Last Wulin Synopsis and Plot Summary

At the start of Republic of China, Xiajiang Province was in a state of starvation to the point that it was.

Shi Kai an escapee from a rural refugee was forced to move to the capital city in Jiangzuo Province. Province Jiangzuo to discover new ways of navigating the world and to explore the possibilities.

It was novice in politics and did not have formal education. He was an insecure person. Everything was built around the notion of survival as the aim.

The farmer was one of the pioneers however, as a result of an accident, he got involved in a race for political power with the biggest actors in the provincial capital It changed his life and forever changed his life.

Thanks to through the work of wicked Hua Gua his nefarious Hua Gua, Shi Kai Shi Kai who was snubbed by his hatred and resents his adversaries, transforms from an “black boxer” struggling for his life to a aspiring fighter who is fighting for the advancement of the nation.

The assault the man launched made Xiajiang Province become a national hero. Invisibly, the man was an “sharp weapon” that Governor Fu Qi had to rely on during the fight with Yuan Huguo, who was located in Xiajiang Province along alongside the Governor Teng Jingyuan.

While the man was there and also fell in an affair with the person was his all-time life, as well as his loss of life Dong Jingjiang, the daughter of the richest individual in Xiajiang Province, and Dong Xiangwan who worked as a reporter at the paper.

With the help of Dong Xiangwan, Fu Qi, Xu Jianshui and others the heart-pounding story was written.

The Last Wulin Cast

Jiang Xin as Teng Ji Feng

Gong Zheng as Shi Kai

Yue Yang as Huang Gua

Liu Xiang Jing as Sun Xie

Wang Yi Fan as Gu Kai Zhi

Wang Hui Chun as Zhong Yun Long

Fei Wei Ni as Fei Yan

Vanessa Cai as Su Xiu

Zheng Wen Sen as Zhu Er

Ying Zi as Liu Ru Yan

Zhang Kai Chun as Xiang Bei

Yu Peng as Police Officer Jiang

Yue Dong Feng as Wu Hao Xing

Simpson Tang as Qian Pang Shi

Ming Li as Han Qin Qin

Wang Yi Fan as Gu Kai Zhi

Liu Ling Zhi as Zhao Da Bao

Dong Dou as Jin Pai / “Gold Medal” | 20+ character roles

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