The Investigator (2020)

Overall: The Investigator is a Chinese Drama (2020). The Investigator cast: Zhu Ya Wen, Regina Wan, Alina Zhang. The Investigator Release Date: December 2020. The Investigator Episodes: 45.

The Investigator Detail

Drama: The Investigator (2020)
Director: Liu Yi Zhi
Main Stars: Zhu Ya Wen, Regina Wan, Alina Zhang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: December 2020
Also Known As: Shang Ye Diao Cha Shi, 商业调查师, The Investigator 2020

The Investigator Synopsis and Plot Summary

In an anecdote about the danger, the board follows a group of agents who cooperate to wipe out misrepresentation.

Xia Dong who fills in as an examiner for a worldwide organization that spends significant time in hazard the executives has consistently viewed as expert morals to be his life’s central goal. So as to finish an occupation that was doled out to him and to reveal the reality behind an episode that got him outlined while concentrating abroad, Xia Dong moves from US central command to the Shanghai branch. In his new office, he experiences Jian Yan, his lesser at school who currently functions as a specialist.

In the next days and evenings, Xia Dong’s honorableness and thoughtfulness radiates through and effectively helps in settling the errors from an earlier time. Before long, Xia Dong and Jian Yan are directing a record verification on an organization and end up confronting rehashed dangers on their life after they helped Lin Jun Wen, an old schoolmate, and got trapped in their family questions. Regardless of the emergency, Xia Dong and Jian Yan keep on maintaining their beliefs and secure corporate uprightness.

The Investigator Cast

Zhu Ya Wen as Xia Dong
Regina Wan as Jian Yan
Alina Zhang as Su Shan
Mickey Yuan as Lin Jun Wen
Zhang Zi Jian as Qin Ke
Xue Hao Wen as Guan Lin Hai
Long Zheng Xuan as Ju Wei
Sun Xin Hong as Lucas
Jia Ben Chu as Xiao Ka
Jiang Fang Ting as Support Role
He Yong Sheng as Support Role
Lu Sen Bao as Support Role
Fan Shuai Qi as Support Role

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