The Infiltrator (2023)

Overall: The Infiltrator is a Chinese Crime, Drama (2023). The Infiltrator cast: Huang Xiao Ming, Jiang Xin, Wu Xiao Liang. The Infiltrator Release Date: 27 July 2023. The Infiltrator Episodes: 37.

The Infiltrator Detail

Drama: The Infiltrator (2023)
Network: CCTV
Main Stars: Huang Xiao Ming, Jiang Xin, Wu Xiao Liang
Country: China
Genres: Crime, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 27 July 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 27 July 2023-12 August 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 37
Also Known As: Qian Fu Zhe , 潛伏者, 潜伏者, The Infiltrator 2023

The Infiltrator Synopsis and Plot Summary

In Shanghai 1941, a government operative positioned at No. 76, the mystery administration during Wang Jingwei’s manikin system, is at risk for being uncovered. Right now, a lady jumps into his existence with two kids and they should claim to be a family to keep up a front.

Tooth Jiashu and Tao Yuling, a lady who was intended to be his significant other since youth, are the two specialists of the Socialist underground. They need to have a go at all that they can to guarantee that every one of the individuals from their little family “perform well” in their parts to guard their personalities. It ends up being no simple errand given the doubts from Li Lixing, the top of No. 76 and knowledge chief Ye Xingcheng.

Tooth Jiashu likewise has one more way of life as a Juntong specialist, which is muddled by individual specialist Su Yalu who is enamored with him and group pioneer “Silver Fox” who is covertly observing everything he might do. Indeed, even in such a circumstance, Tooth Jiashu skilfully explores various interests to finish his main goal.

The Infiltrator Cast

Huang Xiao Ming as Fang Jia Shu

Jiang Xin as Tao Yu Ling

Wu Xiao Liang as Ye Xing Cheng

Li Nian as Zhu Yu

Feng Hui as Li Li Xing

Wan Qian as Su Ya Lu

Li Xi Yuan as Le Yan | Fang Jia Shu’s “daughter”

Li Jian as Li Zheng Xun

Zhao Yi as Sun Huai Min

Shi Wen Zhong as Zheng Nan Yan

Guo Hong as Hu Jian Hua

Xu Bai Hui as Mrs. Zheng

Chen Chu Han as Se Gu

Chen Wei Dong as Hei Tian

Shen Xiao Hai as Hai Chao

Ma Yan as Zheng Fei Xiong

Wang Wei Shen as Jia Yu Zhang

Li De Long as Song You Yu

Song Jia Teng as Guo Da Yu

Yi Zhao Bo as Qian Yun Sheng

He Qiang as Fu Bei Hong

Jia Yi Ze as Li He Ping

Zhang Ya Mei as Tang Xing Ru

Qi Jiu Zhou as Old Wei

Yang De Min as Ma Qing Quan

Yu Heng as Boss Xie

Sang Ping as Old San

Feng Peng as Yang Jun Ping

Lu Xin as Pi Te

Chen Yu Zhe as Zheng Xin Bao

Liu Ya Peng as Dao Ze

Duan Ran as Xiong Yue

Zhou Jie as Doctor Pu

Zhao Kang Wei as Huo Dong Liang

Wan Qian as Su Ya Lu

Wang Zhi Fei as Old Zhao

Liu Yuan Feng as Coachman

Yang Qiao Yue as Girl

Li Wei Ting as Male waiter in the smoking hall

Zhou Xiao Hai as Tailor

Ye Shu Yu as Cute girl

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