The Imperial Age (2020)

Overall: The Imperial Age is a Chinese Action, Thriller, Drama (2020). The Imperial Age cast: William Feng, Chen Bao Guo, Zhang Feng Yi. The Imperial Age Release Date: 31 December 2020. The Imperial Age Episodes: 40.

The Imperial Age Detail

Drama: The Imperial Age (2020)
Director: Gao Xi Xi, Zhao Li Jun
Writer: Dong Zhe
Main Stars: William Feng, Chen Bao Guo, Zhang Feng Yi
Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 31 December 2020
Also Known As: 江山纪, Jiang Shan Ji, Shan He Yue Ming, 山河月明, The Imperial Age 2020

The Imperial Age Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows Zhu Yuan Zhang’s fourth child, Zhu Di, who took on numerous conflicts since early on that supported him in his excursion to turn into a certified military administrator and a gifted government official.

In his childhood, Zhu Di followed general Xu Da into war and encountered the bloodbaths in the combat zone. As he filled in experience to order troops of his own,

He gets trapped in the battle for power inside the regal courts that sharpened his aptitudes in turning into a political tactician. With the help of his devotees, Zhu Di gets comfortable Beiping, and pledges to shield the Ming Dynasty from trespassers.

With the passing of Emperor Taizu of Ming, Zhu Yun Wen who prevails in the seat succumbs to the promptings of his mom’s clan to turn his fierceness towards the individuals from the Zhu majestic family, eventually compelling Zhu Di’s hand to ascend in defiance.

The Imperial Age Cast

William Feng as Zhu Di / Yongle Emperor
Chen Bao Guo as Zhu Yuan Zhang / Hongwu Emperor
Zhang Feng Yi as General Xu Da
Wang Jin Song as Liu Bo Wen Strategist
Ying Er as Xu Miao Yun / Empress Xu
Cheng Yi as Zhu Di Young
Fortuna Yu as Xu Miao Yun Young
Wang Hui Chun as Dao Yan
Bi Yan Jun as Tang he
Huang Yi as Support Role
Michael Mao as Zhu Jian
Liu Xiao Jie as Lady Chang
Jessie Zhang as Bo Ya Lun Wang Bao Bao’s daughter
Han Cheng Yu as Li Jing Long
Mickey He as Zhu Biao
Cao Gao Bo as Zhu Zhen
Dong Li Wu You as Zhu Yun Wen Young
Wang Hui as Li Wen Zhong
Zhang Guang Bei as Wang Bao Bao
Wang Xu Dong as Zhu Gao Xu
Benny Qian as Zhu Shuang
Bai Shu as Zhu Bo
Xi Xue as Lady Lu
Lu Xing Yu as Lan Yu
Hao Ze Jia as Wu Lan Tu Ya
Ma Jing Han as Zhang Yu
Chen Yue Mo as Zhu Yun Wen
Cheng Shuo Nan as Xu Zeng Shou
Cheng Zi Qian as Crown Prince Zhu Yun Song
Tian Yu Peng as Xu Huizu
Li Chang Zhi as Support Role
Zhou Ao Yun as Zhu Bo Young
Li Heng Jian as Zhang Fu

The Imperial Age Trailer

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