The Hunter (2024)

The Hunter is a Chinese Drama (2024). The Hunter cast: Zhang Song Wen, Annabel Yao, Han Geng. The Hunter Release Date: 21 February 2024. The Hunter Episodes: 18.

The Hunter Detail

Drama: The Hunter (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Writer: Gao Han
Main Stars: Zhang Song Wen, Annabel Yao, Han Geng
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 February 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 21 February 2024-5 March 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 18
Also Known As: Ice Hunt, The Hunting, Lie Bing, Lie Bing Xing Dong, 猎冰行动, 猎冰, The Hunter 2024

The Hunter Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the tranquil beach town Sanping City, the anti-narcotics brigade was caught by accident snatching the new methamphetamine in the course of an operation.

The size and purity of the incident were uncommon. Sanping Public Security immediately launched an investigation.

With her sharp perception of scent and a keen eye, Zhao Younan a female police officer, who was removed from army has identified Huang Zongwei who is engaged in chemical business.

The plotting Huang Zongwei ignited the fighting spirit of the young Zhao Younan. She looked in the direction of Huang Zongwei.

Wherever he may have been hiding, or how elaborate the illusion she was able to uncover clues and uncover the truth. She immediately seized the suspect without delay.

It is the story of anti-drug police led by Zhao Younan who persisted in seeking out the drug trafficking organization headed by Huang Zongwei and finally succeeded in eradicating the drug manufacturing group.

The Hunter Cast

Zhang Song Wen as Main Role

Annabel Yao as Main Role

Han Geng as A Dong

Bao Wen Jing as Ye A Lan

Su Xin as Duan Ming Hong

Peng Yu Si as Liu Yuan

Zhu Hong Jia as Lu Hao

He Qiang as Zhang Ha Feng

Li Shao Ting as Qi Yuan Chao

Xue Hao Wen as Zheng Zhi Yao/ Qiang Huo

Zhang Hong Wei as Xia Jian Bin

Ji Xiang Ning as Tian Xiao Ning

Zhao Long Hao as Tan Zhen Tian

Bin Zi as Lao Hu

Chen Tian Ming as A Sheng

Wei Jin as A Mei

Zhou Yun Peng as Chen Jian Chang

Ding Yi Yi as Bing Bing

Zhou Si Yu as Xiao Ji

Guo Ming Yu as A Tai

Bao Bei Er as News stand owner

Lily Zhao as Zhao Qiu E

Li Xu as Unknown

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