The Heart of Genius (2022)

Overall: The Heart of Genius is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). The Heart of Genius cast: Lei Jia Yin, Zhang Zi Feng, Zhang Xin Cheng. The Heart of Genius Release Date: 22 July 2022. The Heart of Genius Episodes: 34.

The Heart of Genius Detail

Drama: The Heart of Genius (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Shen Yan
Writer: Nie Cheng Shuai
Main Stars: Lei Jia Yin, Zhang Zi Feng, Zhang Xin Cheng
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 July 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 22 July 2022-5 August 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 34
Also Known As: Ren sheng ru ruo chu jian, 人生若如初见, A Love Never Lost 2022

The Heart of Genius Synopsis and Plot Summary

On the day Lin Zhao Xi’s dad was determined to have Alzheimer’s infection, she hears the news that her long-lasting crush was traveling to another country for additional investigations. Pei Zhi’s persistence in the street of science has caused Lin Chao Xi to understand that she can never overcome any barrier among herself and a genuine virtuoso. Notwithstanding, two excursions to an equal world permits Lin Zhao Xi to find her own true capacity.

Lin Zhao Xi’s life has been not exactly palatable after she graduated as a way of thinking major. The seeds of science have for quite some time been imparted somewhere inside her heart yet she had no fearlessness because of her long-term deference for her dad Old Lin and first love Chu Pei Zhi who are both math prodigies.

Everything changes when she bafflingly goes through reality. Coming to an equal world interestingly, Lin Zhao Xi is just 12 years of age here. Through the assistance of Old Lin, she does her absolute best at the Numerical Olympiad Day Camp. In her subsequent excursion, she goes to her senior year of secondary school. Close by Pei Zhi, she progressively summons up the fortitude to confront life.

Back in her own reality, Lin Zhao Xi is planning for her postgraduate tests while taking part in displaying challenges to assist her family through prize rewards. To help Old Lin who experiences Alzheimer’s infection, Lin Zhao Xi and Pei Zhi hold hands to advance the examination of the P=NP issue and move to the zenith of science together.

The Heart of Genius Cast

Lei Jia Yin as Lin Zhao Sheng
Zhang Zi Feng as Lin Zhao Xi
Zhang Xin Cheng as Pei Zhi
Wang You Jun as Ji Jiang
Wang Sheng Di as Lin Zhao Xi Young
Lester Lin as Pei Zhi Young
Fu Bo Han as Ji Jiang Young / Dang Aimin / Hua Juan
Yu Yao as Liu Xu
Hu Lian Xin as Bao Xiao Meng
Guo Zi Ming as Zhang Liang Young
Ke Yu as Xiang Ke
Liu Lin as Luo Jing
Geng Le as Pei Dong Lai
Lawrence Wang as Zhang Shu Ping
Shi An as Jie Ran
Wang Rui Xin as Sun Wen Qi
Wu Xing Jian as Lu Zhi Hao
Tong Yao as Yao Yao
Wan Qian as Qian Qian
Bao Song as Support Role
Liu Ya Kun as Zhang Liang
Jia Liu as Professor Fung
Qin Yan as Gong Ye
Li Chuan Ying as Lao Yu
Zhao Da as Director Ma
Zhai Xiao Xing as Bao Song
Tian Lei as Mental Math King
Lai Xi as Old Colleague Lin
Ju Hao as Section Chief Sun
Patrick Zhang as Lao Wang
Huo Qing as Professor Zeng
Rong Fei as Gong Yi
Han Hao as Zou Ben Chao
Wang Ting Wen as Zheng Bing Qing
Lin Xi as Wang Lu
Xue Bo Wen as Chen Cheng Cheng
Tian Miao as Mrs. Jia
Li Qin Qin as Dang Ai Ping
Zhu Wei Wei as Mama Li
Mercury Chen as Zhang Liang Ma
Qu Gao Wei as Supervisor
Ding Zi Ling as Teacher Ma
Fu Feng Nan as Section Chief Zhang
Li Hong Quan as Boss Zhou
Yuan Ran as Director Gao
Zhu Jun Lin as Bao Xiao Meng’s boyfriend
Xu Jin Qi as Support Role
Wei Yi Bo as Captain Cao
Chang Hai Bo as Lao Liu
Ni Ni as Qiu Yue
Jerry Shao as Zheng Tian Meng Young
Wang Ying Lu as Actress
Fan Shuai Qi as Ou Xiao Pu
Li Tian Nuo as Lin Zhao Xi’s blind date boyfriend

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