The Crack of Dawn‎ (2022)

Overall: The Crack of Dawn‎ is a Chinese Thriller, Drama (2022). The Crack of Dawn‎ cast: Ma Si Chun, Luo Hong Ming, Liu Kai. The Crack of Dawn‎ Release Date: 27 January 2022. The Crack of Dawn‎ Episodes: 24.

The Crack of Dawn‎ Detail

Drama: The Crack of Dawn‎ (2022)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Niu Chao
Writer: Cao Xiao Tian
Main Stars: Ma Si Chun, Luo Hong Ming, Liu Kai
Country: China
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 27 January 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 27 January 2022-27 February 2022
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Zhen Bian Ren , Jiang Zhao Li Ming , 枕边人 , 枕邊人, 江照黎明, The Crack of Dawn‎ 2022

The Crack of Dawn‎ Synopsis and Plot Summary

The drama tells a story of self-preservation and strength of an ordinary woman who worked difficult for a lifestyles of balance who is faced together with her husband’s malice and betrayal, the burdens and troubles of life.

The Crack of Dawn‎ Cast

Ma Si Chun as Li Xiao Nan
Luo Hong Ming as Wang Cheng
Liu Kai as Su Rui
Zhang Yao as Yu Hong
Gao Xu Yang as Shen Qiang
Zhang Ben Yu as Song Hu
Lang Yue Ting as Chen Mu
Coco as Huang Hui Lan
Yuan Wen Kang as Liang He Yu

The Crack of Dawn Trailer

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