The Case Solver (2020)

Overall: The Case Solver is a Chinese Mystery, Detective, Drama (2020). The Case Solver cast: Michelle Dong, Jason Koo, Su Xiao Ding. The Case Solver Release Date: 21 December 2020. The Case Solver Episodes: 24.

The Case Solver Detail

Drama: The Case Solver (2020)
Genres: Mystery, Detective, Drama
Main Stars: Michelle Dong, Jason Koo, Su Xiao Ding
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 21 December 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Also Known As: Chai An , Demolition Case , Cracking Case, 拆案, The Case Solver 2020

The Case Solver Synopsis and Plot Summary

The play is set in the violent time of the Republic of China in Shanghai. In a fierce period, the scientific specialist Che Suwei (played by Dong Xuan) and the courteous fellow criminologist Gu Yuan (played by Gu Jiacheng) are entwined with different powers.

“Representative Inspector Kang Yichen (Su Xiaozheng), and the guiltless and energetic journalist Cao Qingluo (Lü Yanbei) cooperated to break out various abnormal and inquisitive cases, and reestablish reality.

The Case Solver Cast

Michelle Dong as Che Su Wei
Jason Koo as Gu Yuan
Su Xiao Ding as Kang Yi Chen
Lu Yan Bei as Cao Qing Meng
Wu Xiao Min as Du Ruo Ning
Min Zheng as Support Role
Dai Ting Rui as Support Role
Wang Shan Shui as Zhang Heng
Wang Xiao Di as Bai You Meng
Bu Yu Xin as Wang Wu Liu
He Cong Rui as Bai Shi Ying
Zhang Yu Qi as Gong Shu Chun
Qiao Zhen Yu as Lu Shi Jun
Cui Peng as Lu Shi Ming

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