The Beauty (2020)

Overall: The Beauty is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). The Beauty cast: Zhang Tian Yang, Winston Chao, Hou Meng Yao. The Beauty Release Date: December 2020. The Beauty Episodes: 63.

The Beauty Detail

Drama: The Beauty (2020)
Network: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Sohu TV, LeTV, LeTV, iQiyi
Main Stars: Zhang Tian Yang, Winston Chao, Hou Meng Yao
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: December 2020
Also Known As: 美人花香, Mei Ren Xiang, Floral Beauty, Fragrant Beauty, 美人香什么时候上映, 美人香, The Beauty 2020

The Beauty Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the early long stretches of Yongzheng, a pestilence flare-up happened. Ding Xiang in Baihua Town restored the scourge as indicated by the hereditary mystery recipe. Jin Hao, the “Brilliant Face Man” who took from the rich and helped poor people, came to Baihua Town to discover a fix. He met Ding Xiang in Baihua Town, and the two got appended to one another and became hopelessly enamored. All together for Jin Hao to discover his dad in the royal residence, Ding Xiang was admitted to the beauty parlor in the castle and turned into a wonderful instructor in the collection of mistresses. Knowing the hazardous circumstance of Ding Xiang, Jin Hao wins a hand to hand fighting rivalry to have the option to follow and monitor Ding Xiang. By doing that turns into the sovereign’s front watchman. When Ding Xiang entered the royal residence, he discovered that his dad had been executed for killing Yongzheng’s Fangfujin sixteen years back. So as to tidy up the complaints of Jin Hao’s dad, Ding Xiang chose to discover reality yet it prompted the stunning case from sixteen years back. Love and kinship are likewise confronting difficulties, despite the fact that the exciting bends in the road, kind Ding Xiang actually don’t change nature.

The Beauty Cast

Zhang Tian Yang as Jin Hao
Winston Chao as Yong Zhen
Hou Meng Yao as Ding Xiang
Lu Zhong as Su Pei Sheng Emperor Yong Zheng’s General manager
Geng Li Ming as Liu Hua
Bai Hai Tao as 13. Prince
Lu Yong Jun as Fan Qing
Wang Jing Ya as Pei Yu
Kid Young as Hongshi Third prince
Ning Xin as Yue E
Linda Zhao as Ding Xiang Young
Tian Yi Xi as Ying Tao
Kanazawa Hao Kim as Ai Xinjue Luo·Hongli
Joanna Zheng as Majiaruo Xue
Tien Niu as Feng Zhu
Yang Ming Na as Empress
Mai Zheng Yao as Fu Gui

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