The Bachelors (2022)

Overall: The Bachelors is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). The Bachelors cast: Guo Jing Fei, Jia Nai Liang, Tan Zhuo. The Bachelors Release Date: 27 March 2022. The Bachelors Episodes: 40.

The Bachelors Detail

Drama: The Bachelors (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Ma Jin
Main Stars: Guo Jing Fei, Jia Nai Liang, Tan Zhuo
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 27 March 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 27 March 2022-14 April 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Bachelor Family , Guang Gun Jia Zu , Zhui Ai Jia Zu , Gwong Gwan Ga Juk, 追爱家族, The Bachelors 2022

The Bachelors Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about family follows Qi Guo Sheng, a retired trainer who has been widowed for decades and his three sons with extraordinary personalities.

Qi Guo Sheng is a man who cares approximately the Chinese idea of “face” however his three sons have no longer afforded him the honour. His eldest Qi Tian Zuo is a Michelin three-superstar dessert chef. He has a fear of marriage due to misconceptions approximately his own mother and father. Middle infant Qi Tian You was to begin with his father’s satisfaction. He’s a college professor who had his lifestyles together yet he suddenly will become a divorcee. Youngest son Qi Tian faces troubles with his love existence. Including little grandson Qi Mo Wen, the Qi own family domestic is like a male dormitory.

Three generations of male testosterone living under one roof is a recipe for catastrophe no longer to say the reality that everybody has inherited Grandpa Qi’s mood. The avenue to escaping single-hood has roses and thorns, however nothing can forestall the pursuit of a higher life. When the circle of relatives has stopped all of the quarrelling, they eventually improve closer to happiness.

The Bachelors Cast

Guo Jing Fei as Qi Tian You

Jia Nai Liang as Qi Tian Zuo

Tan Zhuo as Xiao Nan

Xiong Zi Qi as Qi Tian

Wu You as Ye Min Yi

Yang Xin Ming as Qi Guo Sheng

Feng Hui as Qi Da Wei

Yang Yu Tong as Xu Xiao Mu

Ning Xiao Hua as Boss Shen

Liang Da Wei as Zhou Dao

Ai Xiao Qi as Quan Wei

Tiffany Zhang as Xu Xin

Guo Yang as Dong Yi Yi

Zuo Hang as Tian Tian

Zhu Ya Ying as Zhang Shu Hui

Zhou Shuai as Ding Xiao

Zeng Ke Lang as Gao Yi

Fang Chuan as Head teacher

Liu Bin as University president

Liu Chao as Da Yang

Liu Chan as Cheng Feng

Yan Zhi Ping as Gao Yi’s father

Hai Yang as Chen Lang

Zhang Yi Hang as Teacher

Dai Yi as Teacher

Wu Jian as Old Chen

Bai Jin Cheng as Old Huang

Liu Xuan as White Bureau Artist

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