Ten Years of Loving You (2022)

Overall: Ten Years of Loving You is a Chinese Movie (2022). Ten Years of Loving You cast: Ryan Ding, Ren Min, Li Ze Feng. Ten Years of Loving You Release Date: 14 February 2022. Ten Years of Loving You.

Ten Years of Loving You Detail

Movie: Ten Years of Loving You (2022)
Writer: Bai Yi Cong
Genres: Movie
Main Stars: Ryan Ding, Ren Min, Li Ze Feng
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 February 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Shi Nian Yi Pin Wen Ru Yan , To Our Ten Years, 十年一品温如言, Ten Years of Loving You 2022

Ten Years of Loving You Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wen Heng was brought up in an unfamiliar land since youthful. At the point when she knew about her genuine character at 17, she was shocked by her way of life as the beneficiary of a well off family. Changing in accordance with her unfamiliar environmental factors, she meets Yan Xi, a presumptuous and brilliant young fellow. The two start to build up a cozy relationship and valued each other extraordinarily. Yan Xi, who needed to follow Wen Heng\’s strides, unequivocally surrenders the abroad examinations course made arrangements for him by Lu Liu, his beloved companion. Be that as it may, exactly when Yan Xi and Wen Heng were anticipating their future together, a progression of episodes occur and Yan Xi was analyzed to have malignancy. He was shipped off America for treatment and was isolated from Wen Heng. After four years, they meet again and the affection they have for one another at long last was uncovered. In the interim, Lu Li stows away in the dimness, arranging a vile plan that entangles the four extraordinary families and their relatives.

Under the lead of Wen Heng and Yan Xi, the youthful beneficiaries cooperate to defeat the obstacles, reaffirming their relationship and fellowship all the while.

Ten Years of Loving You Cast

Ryan Ding as Yan Xi

Ren Min as Wen Heng

Li Ze Feng as Gu Fei Bai

Wang Chuan as Xin Da Yi

Ding Nan as Wen Si Guan

Qi Yu Chen as Xiao Wu

Xin Yun Lai as Lu Liu

Ten Years of Loving You Trailer

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