Tell No One (2024)

Tell No One is a Chinese Thriller, Crime, Drama (2024). Tell No One cast: Ou Hao, Li Yi Tong, Eric Le Yang. Tell No One Release Date: 8 May 2024. Tell No One Episodes: 12.

Tell No One Detail

Drama: Tell No One (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Liu Xin
Main Stars: Ou Hao, Li Yi Tong, Eric Le Yang
Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 8 May 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 8 May 2024-12 May 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Bu Ke Gao Ren, Kept Secret, 不可告人, Tell No One 2024

Tell No One Synopsis and Plot Summary

An old cop Zheng Ying, going to resign, goes covert as an abroad finance manager to exchange with Liu Qing’s pack. In any case, he bafflingly vanishes after he effectively finds the posse in the act.

Zheng Dong Yu is Zheng Ying’s little girl. The once pompous and unique young lady grew up for the time being the point at which her dad disappeared. To find him, she turned into a cop.

Gao Yang, a youthful cop who went covert with Zheng Ying, is likewise searching for him. He remained in his covert job, researching Zheng Ying’s vanishing.

After six years, Lei Nai Wu, the vital figure of Liu Qing’s pack and the last individual to meet Zheng Ying, was let out of jail. Simultaneously, a secretive executioner is, a difficult free as a bird to kill Lei Nai Wu.

At that point, Gao Yang dared to save Lei Nai Wu. Lei Nai Wu let him know that this executioner was the genuine killer of Zheng Ying. What has genuinely happened to Zheng Ying?

Tell No One Cast

Ou Hao as Gao Yang

Li Yi Tong as Zheng Dong Yu

Eric Le Yang as Chen Jia Dong

Zhang Guo Qiang as Lei Nai Wu

Hu Lian Xin as Chen Xue Ying

Wang Tong Hui as Chen Jing Ming

Zhao Yang as Li Cheng Yuan

Chen Chu Han as Zheng Ying

Tan Quan as Chen Fa

Ju Ke Er as Xiao Lei

Luo Bin as Wai Pao

Jiang Yi Sheng as Support Role

Hu Jun as Support Role

Qi Kui as Qin Yong

Zheng Jia Bin as Huang Bing De

Yin Zhi Xuan as Xiao Kai

Jiang Yi as Support Role

Liu Yi Jun as Liu Qing

Zhang Bo Zhi as Xiao Hao

Yao Qing Ren as Gao Jia Ling

Zhou Xiao Peng as Lao Lu

Yang Miao as Fang Fang

Dong Xiang Rong as Brother Shen Xian

Huang Qi Lin’er as Zheng Dong Yu | Young

Wang Da Yu as Brother Wu

Chen Jin Ru as Yin Xiao Xue

Li Zhao as Officer Li

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