Sword Snow Stride (2021)

Overall: Sword Snow Stride is a Chinese Action, Drama (2021). Sword Snow Stride cast: Zhang Ruo Yun, Hu Jun, Teresa Li. Sword Snow Stride Release Date: 15 December 2021. Sword Snow Stride Episodes: 38.

Sword Snow Stride Detail

Drama: Sword Snow Stride (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Writer: Wang Juan
Main Stars: Zhang Ruo Yun, Hu Jun, Teresa Li
Country: China
Genres: Action, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 15 December 2021-11 January 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade , Sword in the Snow , Knife in the Snow , Knives in the Snow , Xue Zhong Han Dao Xing , Syut Jung Hon Dou Han, 雪中悍刀行, Sword Snow Stride 2021

Sword Snow Stride Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xu Xiao has risen to end up the King of Northern Liang at a time of terrific upheaval in China. Steppe kingdoms have risen with deadly motive, and rebellious uprisings threaten to destabilize the realm in the south. Against all odds, Xu Xiao has controlled to defeat them all. Meanwhile, his unconventional, free-spirited son and heir Xu Feng Nian has spent years on the street, honing his horse abilties and preventing prowess. Along the way, he meets the double sword-wielding martial arts expert Nan Gong Pu She, a woman who becomes his confidante.

Also joining the royal family is a lady named Jiang Ni. At age 12, she joined the court docket of the Northern Liang. However, she is in reality the princess of a rival nation, and will be harboring deep sentiments of revenge. When Xu Feng Nian has to take to the throne, some at court fear that he’s going to now not be capable of follow in the footsteps of his father. But things come to a head when the birthday celebration has to journey to another province to combat a decisive campaign, the final results of that may determine the very future of the realm.

Sword Snow Stride Cast

Zhang Ruo Yun as Xu Feng Nian
Hu Jun as Xu Xiao
Teresa Li as Jiang Ni
Zhang Tian Ai as Nangong Pu She
Gao Wei Guang as Chen Zhi Pao
Li Chun as Xuan Yuan Qing Feng
Qiu Xin Zhi as Li Chun Gang
Liu Duan Duan as Zhao Kai
Meng Zi Yi as Hong Shu
Tian Xiao Jie as Wei Shu Yang
Wang Tian Chen as Zhao Xun
Zhang Yi Shang as Shu Xiu
Sui Jun Bo as Pei Nan Wei
Gao Tai Yu as Ning E Mei
Liu Tian Zuo as Zhu Lv Shan
Du Yu Ming as Han Diao Si
Tao Hai as Hu Di Lao Kui
Shen Bao Ping as Wang Chong Lou
Yann as Chen Liang Xi
Wang Tong Hui as Cao Chang Qing
Yu Yang as Zhao Heng
Yang Hao Yu as Old Huang
Ding Xiao Ying as Qing Niao
Zhang Tian Yang as Lu Qian Tang
Finn Han as Zhao Xuan Su
Liao Hui Jia as Miss A A
Rong Zi Shan as Xu Long Xiang
Dong Yan as Princess Sui Zhu
Liu Pei Qi as Li Yi Shan
Hou Chang Rong as Zhang Ju Lu
Wang Hui Chun as Yang Tai Sui
Gavin Gao as Wu Liu Ding
Wang Jian Guo as Wang Yong Quan
Liu Ya Peng as Bandits Leader
Claire Jia as Yu You Wei
Tan Jian Chang as Old Xu
Tang Qun as Mother Lin
Chen Wei Dong as Liu Li Yan
Wang Yi Chan as Liu Li Yan’s wife
Yu Heng as Lu Bai Jie
Su Mao as Zhao Huang Chao
Zhang Yi Cong as Yuan Ting Shan
Sun Ya Li as Wang Chu Dong
Wang Gang as Zhao Dan Ping
He Qiang as Zhao Xi Zhuan
Liu Kai as Wang Xiao Pin
Li Zi Xuan as Li Dong Xi
Zhang Gong as Wu Ling Su
Li Jie as Xuanyuan Jing Cheng
Sun Wei as Xuanyuan Jing Xuan
Zhang Bin as Xuanyuan Jing Yi
Ren Xue Hai as Housekeeper of Lu Manor
Zhou Xiao Fei as Assassin of Qing Yue Mountain
Xi Yu Li as Qing Feng’s mother
Han Shu Mei as Miss Lu
Meng Zhi Xu as Xiao Que
Gao Zi Gang as Wang Ming Yan
Dai Ming as Sun Shao Si
Yu Rong Guang as Wang Xian Zhi
Dong Jie as Wu Su
Janice Man as Xu Wei Xiong
Li Nian as Xu Zhi Hu
Wang Yan Lin as Wen Hua
He Zhong Hua as Deng Tai He
Edward Zhang as Hong Xian Xiang
Xu Feng as Housekeeper

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