Sword and Fairy (2024)

Sword and Fairy is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Sword and Fairy cast: Xu Kai, Yu Shu Xin, Fu Xin Bo. Sword and Fairy Release Date: 18 January 2024. Sword and Fairy Episodes: 36.

Sword and Fairy Detail

Drama: Sword and Fairy (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Liu Guo Nan
Main Stars: Xu Kai, Yu Shu Xin, Fu Xin Bo
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 January 2024
Season: 6
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Pray for the Present, The Legend of Sword and Fairy 6, 仙剑6, Qi Zin Zhao, Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 6: Qi Jin Zhao, 仙剑奇侠传六: 祈今朝, 仙剑奇侠传六, Sword and Fairy 6, Chinese Paladin 6, 仙劍六祈今朝, 仙剑六祈今朝, Qi Jin Zhao, Chinese Paladin Season 6祈今朝,Sword and Fairy 2024

Sword and Fairy Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yue Jianchao and Yue qi have been in Wuyan Village together for three years. They have a special “resonance” connection, but neither knows about the other’s past.

They both travel to different parts of the world in order to retrieve memories from their past. The Shuangyue brothers were involved in mysterious happenings such as Qihun Holy Sect revolt and Luojiabao’s blood sacrifice.

Yue Qi’s memories and emotions that had been sealed were accidentally released during the fight against Holy Sect.

Shuangyue becomes acquainted with Luojiabao Luo Jiaming twins and other world people as the incident unfolds.

The identity of Zhou Lijie master and pupil as well Shifangp layedBai Bi Bingke Gu Hanjiang Mingxiu Fu Xinbo (Millennium Wolf Demon Xianqing), Wan Peng, He Luo Zhaoyan are slowly revealed.

Sword and Fairy Cast

Xu Kai as Yue Jin Zhao

Yu Shu Xin as Yue Qi

Fu Xin Bo as Xian Qing

Wan Peng as Luo Zhao Yan

Co Co Chen as Qi Li Xiao Yuan

Fu Bo Han as Yue Jin Zhao | Young

Gong Zheng as Zuo Guan Ren

Chen Zi Han as Ge Qing Fei

Liu Min as Chu Yu

Jia Nai as Shuo Xuan

Han Dong as Ying Xu Wei

Zhong Qi as Luo Ning

Yang Yi Fei as Support Role

He Feng Tian as Wen Yang

Wang Zi Rui as Gu Han Jiang

Xue Ba Yi as Luo Mai Ming

Qiao Zhen Yu as Support Role

Zhou Zhan as Ju Shi Fang

Bai Bing Ke as Ming Xiu

Gong Xiao Xuan as Madame Ji

Mark Han as Ji Xing

Li Xiao Hong as Shi Yue Zhu

Tenzing Jigmey as Liu Zhuo

Yan Su as Liu A’man

Gong Zheng Nan as Luo Wang Ping

Li Bin as Lu Da Zhi

Ren Xue Hai as Luo Yu’en

Lauren Tong as Su He

Cheng Cheng as Lin Yuan

Wang Shan Shui as Meng Cheng

Wang Mao Lei as Gao Xiao

Andy as Ju Shi Fang | Young

Huang Qi Lin’er as Luo Zhao Yan | Young

He Yi Tian as Lü Fei Er

Liang Jun Sen as Chen Qian Jun

Gao Fei as Xi Luo

Coco Chen as Qi Li Xiao Yuan

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