Sunshine by My Side Episode 19

Sunshine by My Side is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Sunshine by My Side Episode 19 cast: Xiao Zhan, Bai Bai He, Tian Yu. Sunshine by My Side Episode 19 Release Date: 8 September 2023. Sunshine by My Side Total Episodes: 36.

Sunshine by My Side Episode 19 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jian Bing is a notable promoting chief and Sheng Yang a novice in the business haphazardly ran into each other inside an eatery one day.

These two outsiders at last fostered a bond and started setting out on an excursion of eminent development and sprouting sentiment With the organization of Sheng Yang and Jian Bing had the option to recover her certainty both throughout everyday life and in affection.

Sheng Yang grew up from a youthful and lighthearted youth to one with a sharp edge under the direction and consolation of Jian Bing.

The two recuperated each other grew up together, and extra time figured out how to cherish each other.

Jian Bing and Sheng Yang at long last chosen to let their future work out through the normal process of everything working out.

Three years passed permitting them to develop and improve.

A great deal of their firsts were enjoyed with one another and this trust they held and the encounters they shared in those days went around lastly found them causing them to float towards one another once more.

Sunshine by My Side Episode 19 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 19
Network: iQiyi
Main Stars: Xiao Zhan, Bai Bai He, Tian Yu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 8 September 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 36
Episode Number: 19
Also Known As: Sunshine by My Side Epi 19, Sunshine by My Side Episode 19 Season 1, 骄阳伴我

Sunshine by My Side Episode 19 Cast

Xiao Zhan as Sheng Yang

Bai Bai He as Jian Bing

Tian Yu as Xue Yi Ming

Zhu Zhu as Liang Shan Shan

Bu Guan Jin as Jian Shuang

Dai Le Le as Liu Jia Le

Wang Lin as Mei Juan Luo

Yang Hao Yu as Sheng Xiang Qian

Mark Han as Wang You De

Hugo Ng as Jian Zhong De

Julia Xiang as Pan Rou

Wu Xing Jian as Hao Jun Jie

Yuan Wen Kang as Fang Mu

Liu Xun as Song Chen

Jian Yu Xi as Sheng Yang | Young

Liu Hui Yi as Piano Teacher Bai

Lu Ling as President Qi

Vila Fan as Xiao Qiao

Cheng Cheng as Mr. He | Client

Lu Mian Da as Xiao Zhao | Producer

Lou Ya Jiang as Old Zheng | Artist

Xu Wen Hao as Editor assistant

Luo Gang as Peng Yuan | Photographer

Chang Kai Ning as Old Li | Supermarket worker

Xu Yi Zhen as Lin Lin | Jian Bing’s assistant

Long Bin as Yu Zong

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