Sunny Sisters (2021)

Overall: Sunny Sisters is a Chinese Comedy, Movie (2021). Sunny Sisters cast: Yin Tao, Zeng Li, Zhang Xin Yi. Sunny Sisters Release Date: 11 June 2021. Sunny Sisters.

Sunny Sisters Detail

Movie: Sunny Sisters (2021)
Director: Bao Bei Er
Main Stars: Yin Tao, Zeng Li, Zhang Xin Yi
Country: China
Genres: Comedy, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 June 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 11 June 2021
Also Known As: Sunny , Yang Guang Jie Mei Tao , Yeung Gwong Je Mui Tou , 陽光姐妹淘, 阳光姐妹淘, Sunny Sisters 2021

Sunny Sisters Synopsis and Plot Summary

The “Sunny Sisters” are a set of 7 friends from excessive school who reunite after 24 years upon gaining knowledge of that their leader has been diagnosed with most cancers. The ladies from yonder days are going through issues in their very own, but alongside the manner, they reexamine their lives to regain their confidence and teenagers via each different’s companionship.

Full-time housewife Zhang Lijun ran into her high college buddy Lin Qing at the sanatorium. After studying that Lin Qing is terminally ill, Zhang Lijun decides to assist fulfill her final want to reunite the group known as “Sunny Sisters” that the 2 had been a part of at some point of excessive faculty. When every person meets once more, the girls who have been as soon as carefree are facing the harsh realities of lifestyles from coping with a dishonest husband, career issues to rebellious children. They can not help however miss those valuable moments from their youths and the earnest sisterhood.

Sunny Sisters Cast

Yin Tao as Zhang Li Jun
Zeng Li as Lin Qing
Zhang Xin Yi as Huang Xiao Juan
Ma Su as Yang Mei
Ni Hong Jie as Qiu Yu Hong
Zhou Jie Qiong as Li You Ran Young
Wang Yue Ting as Zhang Li Jun Young
Hanna Yang as Huang Xiao Juan Young
Xia Meng as Qiu Yu Hong Young
Yvonne Wang as Zhu Zhu Young
Jiang Xiao Han as Zhu Zhu
Li Zi Xuan as Support Role
Michelle Dong as Support Role
Pan Bin Long as Support Role

Sunny Sisters Trailer

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