Suffering of Love (2021)

Overall: Suffering of Love is a Chinese Fantasy, Movie (2021). Suffering of Love cast: Amber Song, Cao Jun Xiang. Suffering of Love Release Date: 14 March 2021. Suffering of Love.

Suffering of Love Detail

Movie: Suffering of Love (2021)
Director: Chen Wei Qun
Main Stars: Amber Song, Cao Jun Xiang
Genres: Fantasy, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 March 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 14 March 2021
Also Known As: Jiu Zhou Yu Luan Xiang Si Jie, 九州羽乱·相思劫, Suffering of Love 2021

Suffering of Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the turmoils of Novoland, six distinct tribes coexist. Among them, the effective Winged tribe upholds an absolute ban that forbids to marry a person from another tribe. Anyone who violates this rule will be condemn to everlasting torment.

Chu Qi is a younger maid of the Human tribe, who, so that you can discover a cure for her master, ventures in the forbidden region of the Winged tribe. There she takes place to meet Feng Liang Qian, a member of the Winged tribe that has been exiled for having fallen in love with a human female.

Suffering of Love Cast

Amber Song as Main Role

Cao Jun Xiang as Main Role

Zhou Yi Tao as Qing Ming

He Zhi Zhou as Feng Qian Xiu

Zhang Ai Yue as Elder

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