Stealing Time (2024)

Stealing Time is a Chinese Crime, Drama (2024). Stealing Time cast: Guo Jing Fei, Qin Lan, Zu Feng. Stealing Time Release Date: 2024. Stealing Time Episodes: 24.

Stealing Time Detail

Drama: Stealing Time (2024)
Writer: Wang Xiao Qiang
Main Stars: Guo Jing Fei, Qin Lan, Zu Feng
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: 黃雀, Huang Que, 黄雀, Stealing Time 2024

Stealing Time Synopsis and Plot Summary

A train that is heading south transports Guo Pengfei, a policeman from north, on a tense anti-pickpocketing trip. Through a series of encounters with thieves Guo Pengfei is confronted by the unfriendly medical doctor Li Xiaolian. Every kind of person appears right in his face.

Who is the villain and who is a person to befriend? What type of complex information is hidden within the simplest of cases? In the process of locating the culprits and unraveling the mystery a night of dark battles begins.

Stealing Time Cast

Guo Jing Fei as Guo Peng Fei

Lu Xiao Lin as Guest Role

Lu Hong as Guest Role

Zhang Hao Ran as Guest Role

Zhao Bin as Guest Role

Guo Ke Yu as Support Role

Ma Yin Yin as Support Role

Zu Feng as Support Role

Qin Lan as Li Xiao Lian

Chen Jing Ke as Support Role

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