Stay Young Stay Passion (2023)

Stay Young Stay Passion is a Chinese Drama (2023). Stay Young Stay Passion cast: Yang Shuo, Zhang Han, Cristy Guo. Stay Young Stay Passion Release Date: 15 October 2023. Stay Young Stay Passion Episodes: 40.

Stay Young Stay Passion Detail

Drama: Stay Young Stay Passion (2023)
Network: CCTV
Writer: Gao Man Tang
Main Stars: Yang Shuo, Zhang Han, Cristy Guo
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 October 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 15 October 2023-23 November 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Yu Yu Cong Cong, 郁郁葱葱, Zhu Jiang Ren Jia, 珠江人家, Stay Young Stay Passion 2023

Stay Young Stay Passion Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story begins with the failed revolution in 1927.

Foshan communist party Members Chen as well as his spouse were killed tragically in order to protect their fellow comrades.

Three children have made amazing accomplishments in the fields of Cantonese opera and medicine cuisine to become famous in the entire city of Guangzhou remaining true to their ideals even in the midst of war.

In the wake of the draconian anti-revolutionary counter-measures in Guangzhou on the 15th of April 1927 CCP Underground members Chen along with his wife were martyred as did their children, who were subsequently adopted by ordinary citizens.

The oldest child Chen Shan He becomes an apprentice in medicine. The 2nd daughter Chen Qing Wei becomes a chef The youngest daughter Chen Li Xia turns into an opera singer.

Under the direction of their masters, they can become legends in their own field.

As they are set to get revenge on the one who killed their parents the war is breaking out in Guangzhou which causes the fate of three people to change drastically.

Chen Shan He engages in a seven-year fight against Japanese merchants to safeguard the secrets of the ancient Chinese medicine.

He also puts everything in the fight for Japan’s biological weapon. Chen Qing Wei refuses to abandon his country and goes to Hong Kong to promote Cantonese cuisine.

He is back in Guangzhou after a successful career and supports his brother in his efforts to help people.

Chen Li Xia is the leader of the troupe in the war, and is continuing to refine her craft, and find the right balance between their brutal real world and the gorgeous the world of operetta.

The three siblings are committed to their nation’s integrity even in the harsh trials of war and pass down their individual expertise.

Stay Young Stay Passion Cast

Yang Shuo as Chen Shan He

Zhang Han as Chen Qing Wei

Cristy Guo as Chen Li Xia

Cao Jun as Jin Hui Rong

Yu Zhen as Kuang Qing Kui

Li Nai Wen as Tan Yao Heng

Pan Yu Chen as He Yu Fang

Wang Zi Fei as Tang Xiao Wan

Zhao Heng Xuan as Xu Nan Lu

Oscar He as Chen Qing Wei | Young

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